Leader Instruments brings Eyeheight’s legalEyes to the Americas

Eyeheight’s legalEyes full 10-bit-processing legalizer.

Leader Instruments Corporation announces a co-operative relationship with UK-based Eyeheight Ltd. The agreement centres on Eyeheight’s legalEyes video legalizer and its unique KARMAudioRT option which provides automatic real-time control of perceptual loudness and true-peak audio level.

“Eyeheight co-exhibited the new legalEyes with us at NAB 2012 in April,” comments George Gonos, President of Leader Instruments Corporation. “We were greatly impressed by the performance and build quality as well as the ease of operation. The legalEyes control interface is highly intuitive whether driven from the front panel or via the included Java softPanel. Visitor response to the product demonstrations was very positive. legalEyes complements the Leader Instruments product range and the solutions we already carry from Cel-Soft, NTT Electronics, Phabrix and Trilogy.”

“Leader Instruments is renown for the excellence of its test and measurement technology and for its very high grade pre-sales and post-sales support,” adds Eyeheight Sales Director Martin Moore. “legalEyes was designed for fast and efficient operation in live or near-live content-production, presentation and playout as well as in post-production. It is fully compatible with SD-SDI and HD-SDI standards throughout the Americas. legalEyes also interfaces easily with the Leader product range.”


Eyeheight’s legalEyes automatically detects and corrects any parts of a video signal that do not conform to industry-agreed component RGB, YUV or composite color space levels. LCD pushbuttons with backlit legends guide the operator quickly through the legalizer’s various control modes. These include RGB, YUV or composite mode selection, clipping level, soft clipping knee, luma and chroma gain, black level, and hue rotation. Six user memories are available to store group settings. The KARMAudioRT option seamlessly adjusts system gain across all channels to maintain the loudness limit while preserving the audio imaging.

About Leader Instruments Corporation 
Established over 40 years ago in the USA by Leader Electronics (Yokohama, Japan), Leader Instruments provides customer support, sales and marketing services for a select number of high-tech manufacturers with specific focus on the broadcast and professional video market. Leader Instruments represents the Leader, Phabrix, Cel-Soft, and Trilogy product lines and covers North America, South America and Europe with a fast, efficient and highly experienced direct customer sales and support channel. Leader Instruments has offices with local representation in Los Angeles, New York, Dallas and Louisville plus warehouse locations in Los Angeles and Amsterdam.


About Eyeheight 
Eyeheight designs and manufactures SDI/HD-SDI equipment for program-origination, quality-assurance, post-production, playout and associated areas. This includes hardware legalizers, logo generators, safe-area generators, keyers, color correctors and aspect ratio converters. Eyeheight products are available worldwide.