Lawo V__pro8 Performs High-Precision AV Sync Measurement

Lawo broadens V__pro8 AV functionality with new release

Lawo has taken its V__pro8 video processing tool to the next level, announcing the release of a new and extremely precise AV-sync measurement feature in the V__pro8 for fast and easy lip-syncing. This new functionality exceeds the precision of devices currently available on the market with accuracy better than +/- 2 audio samples. The V__pro8 now provides the well-known EBU test pattern, plus a unique Lawo-developed V__line test pattern that can be generated from any of the V__pro8 video outputs or as an mp4 file, making it ideally suited for particularly precise measurements with high-quality audiovisual representation of offsets.

V__pro8 offers a unique set of capabilities that operators can use to check and correct signals throughout a production workflow within a studio, OB truck, or MCR. At the same time the V__pro8 allows for any necessary video or audio delay adjustments to be made from any location using an intuitive browser-based GUI or by using the unit's optional front panel controls.

Operators can automatically measure all 16 embedded audio channels of up to eight SDI signals. The video processor allows graphical and numerical presentation of measurement results with definable colored regions (green, yellow, red) for “early” and "late” signals. A zoom function and time stamping of the measurements makes it easy to detect and correct signals as needed.


Lawo introduced the V_pro8 in April of 2012 to provide a full suite of video processing and audio-for-video signal flow management tools in production environments that require high density channel count in a minimum amount of rack space. The innovative product design fits in a single 1RU space and provides a flexible 8 x 8 3G/HD/SD-SDI video matrix and 384 x 384 MADI audio matrix with the ability to switch any signal to any other signal. Other features include frame syncs, gain control and metering, an embedder with downmix and channel shuffling and several optional software modules.


The new, advanced AV sync functionality compliments the V_pro8's suite of other options including modules for high quality up/down/cross conversion, color correction (YUV and RGB) and a quad split monitor output with UMD, tally, audio metering, vectorscope and waveform display.

V__pro8 is a perfect video-to-audio bridge within any studio infrastructure and is finding rapid acceptance as a must-have tool for flypacks and OBs as well. An attractive GUI based on HTML5 enables multiple points of access and control for operators, with easy handling of a number of different tasks in one tool, thus guaranteeing maximum efficiency at significantly reduced cost-per-channel.


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