Lawo Reaches Agreement with MusiquePlus for Revitalized Production Facility

Second generation mc²56 consoles, Nova 73HD router, and V__pro8 video processor: Jacques Fortin (left) and Pierre Marceau (right

Lawo, a leading manufacturer of digital audio networking systems and consoles for a wide range of applications from small to large scale audio production in television and radio, post production, and live sound, is pleased to announce it has been selected by Canadian French language Category A specialty broadcaster MusiquePlus—part of Astral Media—to provide key components in the station’s revitalized production facility. Central to the purchase are two second generation Lawo mc²56 production consoles, a Nova 73HD router, and a V__pro8 (pronounced ‘V-line pro 8’) video processor, all of which will be able to be controlled by a Ross Overdrive automated production control system. Completion of the project is currently slated for January 2013.

With a Lawo Nova73HD router at the heart of this fully networked system with managed, decentralized IO frames, the Music Control Room will handle music mixes from Stage A—which primarily handles live shows—while Control Room A is responsible for the full 5.1 broadcast mix. Both control rooms are fully redundant to each other and each of the 32-fader second generation mc²56 consoles can take over the tasks of the other.

All I/O’s are interfaced via the Nova 73 router and are delegated—including rights management—to the mc²56 console that is currently in charge. This arrangement provides structural redundancy, and facilitates parallel setups and easy expansion for any future facility enhancements that may be required. The Lawo V__pro8 video processor, with its ability to connect signals of different video formats as well as between audio and video, will handle all HD-SDI embedding and de-embedding for all 16 audio channels of the four servers. An Avid ProTools hard disk-based audio recording and editing system is also connected to the router and is available to either of the Lawo mc²56 consoles.


Herbert Lemcke, president of Lawo North America, commented on the MusiquePlus agreement. “All of us at Lawo are extremely proud to have been selected for the MusiquePlus facility upgrade,” states Lemcke. Our new, second generation mc²56 consoles offer a wealth of capabilities that, I’m confident, will enable the production staff to experience far greater workflow efficiency while the Nova 73HD router ties the two production rooms together and makes it easy to manage the content. With our V__pro8 video processor and the Ross Overdrive figured into the mix, this will be one very capable and versatile production facility that will be well suited to handle any task that comes its way.”

Pierre Marceau, Sound engineer for MusiquePlus Inc., is equally enthusiastic about the new agreement with Lawo, “Firstly, the quality of the product, the ease of use, and the open system made this an obvious choice for us. In addition, the possibility to tether a smaller class of consoles like the sapphire was a bonus in the decision making process. Furthermore, we are confident the direction that LAWO has taken in its product development is the right one. Finally, we are excited to start this new venture with Lawo.”


Jacques Fortin, Engineering Manager for MusiquePlus Inc. added, “The people at Lawo quickly understood our needs and the challenges we were facing. Sound quality was never a compromise for MusiquePlus and we feel that, with Lawo, we will keep that standard very high.”

About MusiquePlus
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