Lawo with New Products and Lectures at Tonmeister

New mc²56 on show in Cologne

For the first time at a German trade show, Lawo will present in Cologne on booth 0-22 the new mc²56 mixing console. The mc² console of the latest generation will surprise by its new dimension of intuitive operation, efficiency, flexibility and ease of use. Among the mc²56’s new features is real, 2-man operation with fully decentralized control of all parameters including bank and layer selection, EQ, dynamics and bus assignment—due in no small part to the console’s fully featured ISO bay access provisions. The new mc²56 now offers improved ergonomic and intuitive handling, providing operators greater confidence when working under pressure.

As part of the mc²56’s enhanced functionality, the new console also provides expanded, simplified touch operation—making workflow more intuitive. This applies to operational aspects such as VCA allocation, bus assignment, meter pickup/mode select, and mix-minus configuration. This enhanced operation is further accentuated by the console’s new button-glow provisions for color-coding the channel strips. Similarly, the new mc²56 provides Illuminated rotary knobs for an even better overview—all of which makes it easier for the operator to visually keep track of one’s mix—even in low light conditions.


Furthermore, showcased for the first time in Germany will be Lawo’s first video device: the V__pro8. Lawo has developed the V__pro8 for displaying video power on a small footprint, the perfect tool to connect signals of different video formats as well as between audio and video. High quality cross format conversion, colour correction as well as embedding and de-embedding makes the V__pro 8 a compact and powerful video processor, building bridges between video formats. Modern high density audio connections such as RAVENNA and MADI provide video-to-audio bridges within the studio infrastructure. A modern GUI based on HTML5 is the interface for easy handling in day-to-day work. The V__pro8 combines a number of different tasks in one tool, thus guaranteeing maximum efficiency and greatest operating safety at significant reduced cost.


Lawo will exhibit its continually expanding RAVENNA product range: the company showcases the new developed boards based on RAVENNA IP technology. Operating in Lawo routing systems (Nova73 HD and mc² HD core), the RAVENNA Master Card and the RAVENNA I/O Card excel by a high channel count, offering 256 bi-directional mono channels at 48kHz or 96kHz at a latency like MADI.

Learn more about the comprehensive features of the Eclipse GT console of Lawo’s Live brand Innovason. Visitors can collect hands-on experience and become familiar with the workflow – and experience it as FOH console during a live concert taking place on Friday night in the Congress Centrum Nord.


User-friendly, efficient, innovative – the Lawo Broadcast Applications bundle comprises the stand-alone software solutions of JADE, EDIT and VisTool, which combine into an integrated system for continuous processes and greater efficiency in daily production, supporting journalists and editors in their every-day routine. With this package, Lawo offers easy-to-use, coherent solutions that keep the technology almost invisible.

Also on show are the mc²66 broadcast and production desk as well as sapphire and crystal consoles for radio broadcast applications.

Lectures and workshops held by Lawo or in cooperation with Lawo within the seminar programme of the Tonmeistertagung 2012
Friday, 11/23
11.30 PandoraCarsten Kümmel, Freelance Sound Engineer (Room 4)Marcel Babazadeh, International Sales Director Innovason, Lawo AG
12.00 Classical Live Sound – Creating a distinctive sonic image for classical performanceMarcel Babazadeh, International Sales Director Innovason, Lawo AGJochen Sommer, CEO, Adamson Europe GmbH (Room 4)
16.30 Radio Production WorkflowsAxel Kern, Senior Product Manager Radio OnAir, Lawo AG (Room 2)
17.30 AES X 192 – for streaming audio-over-IPAndreas Hildebrand, Senior Product Manager, ALC NetworX GmbH (Room 2)


Saturday, 11/24
10.30 Live PA of classical musicMarcel Babazadeh, International Sales Manager Innovason, Lawo AG (Room 4)
11.00 How does Loudness work in practical liveFelix Krückels, Senior Product Manager mc² series, Lawo AG (Room 2)

Sunday, 11/25
13.30 Eurovision Song Contest - RealizationStefan Ebert, Sound Engineer, (Room 1)

A special highlight of this year’s Tonmeistertagung will be a jazz concert by the Matthias Nadolny Quartet feat. Romy Camerun during the Get-Together on Friday night starting at 7pm. The mix of this concert will be done by sound engineer Carsten Kümmel which offers the relaxed opportunity to see and hear the products of the sponsors Lawo and Adamson.