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Lawo establishes further R&D Center and Creates New Position for R&D

LES Switzerland in the starting blocks

Since September 1, the newly-founded company ‚LES Switzerland GmbH’ – LES stands for ‘Lawo Engineering Services’ – supports the R&D activities of Lawo. By establishing a further development site and increasing the R&D staff, the Rastatt console manufacturer is investing in the future: in addition to the developments for the established product portfolio of Lawo, the new R&D company will predominantly advance the development of new products for the professional audio market.

The development team of LES Switzerland in Zurich consists of experienced software and hardware engineers who, by their previous successes, prior to LES, possess high expertise in the pro audio field. The LES associates are highly motivated: ‘We are happy that at Lawo we find ideal R&D conditions to translate our experience and ideas in a creative way”, said a staff member of the new R&D center in Zurich.

Since its foundation more than 40 years ago, Lawo has always dedicated a high quota of its investments to a strong and competent R&D which offers market-orientated products mainly for the broadcast and live domain. With its highly qualified staff in R&D, manufacture and project engineering staff, Lawo, with its innovative products and bespoke solutions, has always been a pioneer within the industry.


LES Switzerland GmbH
LES Switzerland GmbH in Zurich is a R&D company of Lawo. The team excels by their vast experience and high competence in the development of products and solutions for the field of pro audio. By taking this step, Lawo will expand its expertise with regard to the product design for the complete industry.

Stefan Ledergerber new Director Research & Development Lawo Group

Commencing September, ‘Director of Research & Development’ Stefan Ledergerber takes over the coordination of research and development at Lawo across all facilities. In this newly created position he will network with all individual Lawo development locations and technology partners, and advance the communication of the group.


Over the previous few years, Lawo has invested and increased the skill set within the development teams at several locations. The latest example is the newly founded LES Switzerland GmbH inZurich, which has existed since September 1, 2011. With the support of the Director of Research & Development further group synergy can be utilised to increase the efficiency of the engineering teams and exploit their creative potential even more.

Stefan Ledergerber is the ideal candidate for this position. He holds diplomas as Electrical Engineer ETH and as MAS in Management, Technology and Economics ETH, he has also collected his professional experiences in audio technology at the Swiss Studer Professional Audio GmbH. After being employed as hardware development engineer and product manager for the Vista consoles, he finally took over the position of ‘Director of Research & Development’ at Soundcraft Studer (Harman).

Stefan Ledergerber stated about his new position with Lawo: ‘I am looking forward to working with the exciting and experienced colleagues of Lawo. With innovative and high-quality products and solutions Lawo has proved for decades that this company enjoys an excellent reputation amongst the mixing console manufacturers and deservedly so”.


Lawo AG
Lawo, headquartered in Rastatt/Germany, specialises in developing, designing and manufacturing mixing consoles and matrix systems for radio and TV broadcasters, as well as for use in live events. Standards of high quality and innovative technology are supported by more than 40 years of experience in the field of professional audio technology.Lawo’s product range covers digital audio mixing consoles for use in radio, broadcast, production and live applications, including the required software. In addition to the provision of matrix systems and audio networks, Lawo also carries out project engineering tasks and acts as a main contractor for radio OB trucks; these services include user training and maintenance. This high level of expertise results in a comprehensive support service for Lawo customers.