Lawo Adds New Features to V__pro8 Video Processor

Screenshot of V__pro8 GUI with downmix window

Lawo is pleased to announce that its V__pro8 Video Processor has received several significant new features. As the company’s first video processing solution, the new features of Software Version 1.0.4 add even more power to this exceptional solution.

Among the new enhancements to the V__pro8 is the ability to handle 2x surround downmix (downfold) engines per SDI output. With this new capability, users can create stereo downmixes from 5.1 or 7.1 discrete surround audio tracks and embed these on the outgoing SDI so that stereo audio is always present along with the discrete surround audio channels. The ability to have mix stems plus stereo audio travelling together provides engineers with greater convenience.


The ability to monitor embedded audio via MADI has also been added. While feeding MADI to an audio mixing console, users can now listen to/monitor each outgoing embedded audio channel on various SDI outputs.

The new software V1.0.4 also adds level adjustment (-60dB - +12dB) for the audio outputs. With this new capability, users are able to adapt the audio levels according to specific user reference level requirements.


Engineers will certainly appreciate the V__pro8’s new Dolby E aligner function. This new capability provides automatic alignment of Dolby E audio signals within the allowed guard band in SD/HD environments—providing click-free / seamless audio during video switching.

Felix Krueckels, Senior Product Manager Lawo AG, commented on the V__pro8’s new capabilities. “We are very proud of our new video processor and response from the field to the product has been extremely positive. As part of our ongoing efforts to continually improve the capabilities of all our products, these new V__pro8 features add still greater functionality that, I’m certain, will prove highly beneficial to both present and prospective users.”

Software Version 1.0.4 for the Lawo V__pro8 is available May 30 for Lawo customers via the Lawo Download Center.


About the Lawo V_pro8
The Lawo V__pro8 (read “V-Line pro8”) is a powerful video processor and the perfect tool for interconnecting signals of different video formats, as well as between audio and video. High quality up/down/cross format conversion, color correction plus embedding and de-embedding makes the V__pro 8 compact and powerful. Modern high density audio connections including RAVENNA and MADI provide video-to-audio bridges within the studio infrastructure while a modern GUI based on HTML5 facilitates intuitive operation.

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