L-S-B’s VSM as Universal Control System in South-Africa’s SuperSport OB1 HD

The van is mainly used for sport events and its first production was a Rugby game in May 2014

As part of a continual renewal effort South-African sports broadcaster SuperSport built a new HD-capable OB Van. As the overall control system the company chooses VSM to be implemented during the building process of OB 1. The truck can handle up to 24 cams, five QBall cams and 2 sprint cameras. OB 1 has been modernized in the UK and started its first production in May last year.

VSM works as the main routing and Tally system with additional control over Axon cards and embedded output cards of the Snell Sirius router (576x576). Working on two redundant servers VSM makes use of 25 VSM hardware panels providing a virtualization of signals to make the work for the operators as simple as possible.

Goal of the implementation of VSM is to reduce setup time and to make production workflows more flexible. VSM’s capability to save and load workflow configurations as snapshots and simple labelling for devices are huge benefits for operators and EICs. VSM allows the user to directly combine the control parameters of the broadcast system into custom and workflow optimised user interfaces thus bringing simplicity and speed to operators.


L-S-B Broadcast Technologies GmbH, Wiesbaden (Germany), is the leading manufacturer of control systems for radio and television production. The company’s core product is the IP-based Virtual Studio Manager (VSM), a universal control system. As a single-source solution, VSM works independently of any single manufacturer and thus represents a flexible and powerful answer to technical challenges in the fields of production and broadcasting. Founded in 2003, L-S-B Broadcast Technologies can draw on an excellent worldwide sales network. A staff of 35 at Head Office in Wiesbaden is responsible for management, project implementation, services and software and hardware development.