KVIE Moves up to SSL C10 HD

“The C10 gives us a very powerful, feature-rich console that offers SSL’s traditional layout, service and support.”

KVIE, the PBS member station serving nearly four million viewers in the Sacramento/Modesto/Stockton area of California, has upgraded its Audio Control Room A with a Solid State Logic C10 HD Compact Broadcast Console. Replacing an aging analogue desk, the C10 HD was selected to fulfill a range of requirements that are typical of a thriving mid-scale broadcaster upgrading to HD production: compact size, affordability, simplicity of installation, reliability, longevity, and crucially, operation by a wide range of non specialist staff.

“We have only one production control room and when we made the change to HD production, we needed a contemporary audio console that could handle our different production situations,” says Greg Johnson, director of engineering for KVIE. “We were used to working in analogue, so the ergonomic layout of the C10 was immediately familiar and desirable from an engineering and operational standpoint. We like the fact that all the processing is right there in the console. Other manufacturers that we looked at seem to offer a more distributed resource model that is not very straightforward to work with. The C10 gives us a very powerful, feature-rich console that offers SSL’s traditional user friendly layout, service, and support.”

The physical layout of KVIE encompasses one HD production control room, with attendant audio room, servicing the needs of two production studios. The larger 50- x 75-foot studio is a full sound stage for larger and more complex productions along with a smaller 45- x 40-foot studio used for smaller productions and fundraising events. The C10 elegantly handles every production need.


“We produce local shows like Studio Sacramento, which is a weekly public affairs program and the successful weekly local program, ViewFinder, which covers topics as diverse as regional history, the arts, health and medical research, and regional civic issues,” continues Johnson. “We also produce America’s Heartland, an award-winning national series on agriculture seen on more than 230 public television stations. The half-hour series is now in its eighth season. When considering an audio console, we wanted one that would serve us well into the future. SSL has a demonstrable history of providing consoles that not only last, but, in the case of a digital console like the C10, offer the flexibility of feature upgrades that will keep our operations current with technology advances.”

KVIE ordered SSL’s Dialogue Automix and C-Play options to help with production workflow. Dialogue Automix, used for panel-type productions, allows the general staff to manage the console when necessary, while C-Play offers a fully functional spot and music playout system integrated into the console.


“With the C10, we can have non-professional audio staff successfully operate the console,” says Jeff Hansen, maintenance technician, for KVIE. “We also rent out our facility to outside production companies and SSL’s reputation enhances our ability to market the facility. We have been very happy with the customer service from SSL. This is important to us because we have clients come in that have technical needs and sometimes we need to get questions answered. It’s nice to be able to call SSL and get somebody who knows what we are talking about.”