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IMPIRE will support the weekly ARD live TV show Sportschau until 2013

DELTA-sport HD 6.2 and its stunning capabilities in true-3D overlay generation

IMPIRE is responsible for the editorial support including a wide range of statistics, analytical information and provides the operation for ARD´s BUNDESLIGA highlight show.

Now IMPIRE takes advantage of the DELTACAST technology and uses DELTA-highlight for enhancing ARD Sportschau and WDR football shows, offering analyse sequences containing offside lines, keyhole highlighting, multiple player highlighting in animated sequences, magnifier, player distance, shot speed, pass length, players trajectories…

DELTA-highlight is derived from the well-known DELTA-sport product, which is a sensor-free system based on image processing, dedicated to the generation of virtual graphics for live soccer matches. DELTA-highlight is based on the same methods than DELTA-sport and features the same range of advantages: precision, high-quality user interface, short response time.

DELTA-sport HD has been operated to broadcast the virtual graphics (offside line, distances, speed..) on FC Bayern München vs. VfL Wolfsburg, the opening game of the BUNDESLIGA season 2010-2011, LIVE on ARD/SKY, Friday 20th August at 20:30.


DELTA-sport HD 6.2 and its stunning capabilities in true-3D overlay generation, provides an advanced 3D rendering engine that allows integration of complex 3D animated objects and scenes in the field view. 3D models can be imported directly from a large set of 3D modelling software. Thanks to the high-performance camera tracking function and real-time rendering effects, 3D objects are incredibly present and stable..

Mr KEILBACH (GM IMPIRE AG) "As a well-known provider of high-quality TV services we are always encouraged to find the best technical solutions for our clients in order to satisfy their individual requirements. We are glad to have found with DELTACAST a partner who delivers exactly these required modern solutions on a top quality level!"

Mr DUTILLEUX (CEO DELTACAST) "We are very pleased to develop a strong partnership with IMPIRE: they have a perfect knowledge of football live environments and we have been impressed by the quality of the IMPIRE operators. No doubt that we will extend our common business, providing together exciting virtual graphics for sport events”.


IMPIRE is one of the leading providers of football statistics and analytical technologies, including real-time players tracking, 3D analysis modules as well as TV sports graphics. Amongst IMPIRE´s clients are Europe´s biggest media houses in the print, online and especially TV branch, where a sophisticated interface between IMPIRE´s huge live database and graphic vans or fixed installations allows real-time inserts on the highest quality level. More information can be found at




DELTACAST is dedicated to the next generation of virtual graphics for live sporting events. The company’s products rely on a set of proprietary high-technology modules: sensor-free tracking, image processing algorithms, adaptive chroma-keying, and a high-quality 3-D engine. The existing products, designed for football, are DELTA-sport, DELTA-stat and, recently, DELTA-highlight. DELTA-sport delivers virtual graphic overlays including offside lines, distance and speed measurements, animated 3-D logos, scores, magnifiers, and player trajectories. DELTA-stat is a completely original and inexpensive solution for customized live sports branding. It automates the appearance of timers, stats, animations, scores, rankings, and more, without requiring any software or graphics expertise from the user. More information can be found at