IBC success for RTS/TELEX

Ralph Strader presenting the latest products from RTS/TELEX and Ammar Fawzy explaining the merits of RTS/TELEX's RadioCom line

The annualInternational Broadcasting Conference (IBC) in Amsterdam – the leading tradefair devoted to film, television and radio production – ran this year fromSeptember 9-13, and the newly enlarged booth of RTS/TELEX and the products ondisplay drew a very positive response from industry insiders and the generalpublic alike.

"We are on a good wayto drive technological innovation and adapt to the market changes," says KamilSwobodzinski, SalesDirector Pro Sound and RTS/TELEX Europe. The way intercoms are used ischanging. The feedback on our latest products was excellent. We sensed greatinterest in our new IP solution VLink and a great willingness on the part ofvisitors to embrace our OMNEO technology. OMNEO is going to be the future IPcommunications solution – far beyond isolated intercoms solutions."

Representatives of the media were able to form a vividimpression of the latest products from RTS/TELEX in the course of a pressconference held on the Saturday of the show. The team from RTS/TELEX waspresenting a variety of new products – not least among them the BTR-240(license free 2.4GHz). This digital, multi-channel wireless intercom systemoffers extremely reliable and secure full-duplex communication with up to eightTR-240 wireless belt packs and an almost unlimited number of half-duplex beltpacks.


At the sametime, the BTR-240 offers first class audio quality and low latency, push-buttonselection of the optimum radio frequency using RTS/TELEX's unique ClearScantechnology. It is both plug and play and coverage can be increased by utilizingBTR-24 base stations as remote access points.

In the VLinksystem, RTS/TELEX offer a new, fully networked virtual communication solutionfor RTS intercom systems that conforms to the Dynamic Host ConfigurationProtocol (DHCP). Through a simple PC application, VLink provides external usersunparalleled control and connectivity to RTS matrices via the Internet or theirown IP networks. In addition to the computer-supported application, RTS VLinkMobile offers the control of RTS matrices via iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. RTSVLink and RTS VLink Mobile allow the user remote access from any location andtherefore represent not only a flawless but also an unbounded communicationssolution.


The highlightof RTS/TELEX's traditional Distributors' Meeting on the eve of the IBC was thepresentation of the coveted Distributor of the Year award, which this year wentto RTS/TELEX's French partner Pilote Films. "Pilote Films displayedexceptional commitment in the course of the year," stated KamilSwobodzinski, handing over the award together with Robert Hesse, Vice President Sales Communication EMEA of BoschCommunication Systems and Managing Director of EVI Audio GmbH. "As well aswinning the commissions for numerous projects, the company distinguished itselfabove all through its pro-active marketing and custom-tailored systemintegrations. Through this award we would like to recognize Pilote Films'exemplary commitment and warmly congratulate Bettina Hülsmeyer and herteam."