IABM Training Academy Announces Summer Training Schedule


The IABM (International Association of Broadcasting Manufacturers) announced dates and locations for the IABM Training Academy’s summer courses in the U.K., the U.S., South Africa, Singapore, the Netherlands and Germany.

Courses in the U.K. begin with "Audio and Video Fundamentals for Engineers" on July 2-3 in Reading. Designed for engineers and technologists, this course focuses on the specific technologies and applications involved in the generation, movement, and monitoring of audio and video signals and files in a broadcast and media technology environment.

"Broadcast and Media Technology — Understanding Your Industry" will be held in London July 9-10 and in Cologne, Germany, July 16-17. This course will familiarize attendees with broadcast and media technology, associated jargon, and the role that technology plays in the business in which they operate. It is designed for staff in broadcast facilities and their technology suppliers, postproduction facilities, and related businesses that require an appreciation of the technology as opposed to an in-depth understanding of it.


"Compression Fundamentals and Applications" will be held in Reading on July 15-16. This course addresses topics including the components of compression, compression applications and typical bit rates, motion estimation, the application and effects of coding, and popular and new compression strategies.

"Broadcast Technology Workflows — The Fundamentals," will be held July 16-17 in London. The course will cover concepts, terms, and processes used in broadcast technology; discuss the impact of file-based technology on end-to-end workflows; and give attendees tools with which to discuss and analyze workflows effectively.


"Understanding File Formats," scheduled for July 23-24 in London, is designed to provide a thorough understanding of current video and audio file formats, plus their associated metadata and workflows. The course will explain how file formats are used throughout the broadcast chain, from production, through QC and postproduction, and on to delivery and archiving.

Online registration is available at www.iabmacademy.org/register.aspx. Further course information and details about the IABM Training Academy are available at www.iabmacademy.org.

The IABM, the International Association of Broadcasting Manufacturers, is the authoritative voice of the broadcast and media technology supply industry worldwide. Its wide range of services to members encompasses market research and intelligence, training, expert representation at standards bodies and broadcasting unions, executive networking opportunities, and preferential purchasing. A presence at every major broadcast tradeshow, the IABM also provides a valuable channel for communication among broadcast manufacturers, government, and regulatory bodies. Additional IABM activities include awards programs for innovation and scholarships designed to stimulate the development of the broadcast and electronic media industries on an international basis.