IABM Annual Conference Providing Keys to Success

Conference Will Focus on How to Succeed Through Change to Meet Today's Challenges and Those of the Future

The IABM (International Association of Broadcasting Manufacturers) annual conference will be held Dec. 1-2 at the Savill Court Hotel, Windsor, U.K. Open to all within the broadcast and media technology supply industry, the conference, entitled "Adjusting to New Business Models — Profiting From the Journey," will provide invaluable insight into the changing needs of our industry and how to address them. Through an intensive program of keynote presentations and discussion groups, the conference will put success under a microscope, examining the agents of change and how business can adopt and adapt to succeed.

"Despite tremendous industry evolution over recent years, the road to IT convergence and 'the cloud' has only just begun," said Peter White, director general of the IABM. "In the face of constant change and new challenges, companies both large and small are finding ways to create revenue and profits, and the industry as a whole has the opportunity to transform from a $25 billion broadcast industry into a $100 billion media industry. Our annual conference brings recognized experts and industry leaders together to discuss this evolution and the real business improvement it offers."

Keynotes will include "Where Is the Broadcast Business Going?" by William Cooper, founder and chief executive at informitv; by the IABM's Peter White; "Managing Change and Motivating the Enterprise" by Jim Lawless, CEO, Taming Tigers; "Success in a Changing World" by Danny Wilson, president and CEO, Pixelmetrix; "The Cloud: Threats and Opportunities" by David Peto, CEO, Aframe; and "Summing It Up" by Strath Goodship, president and CEO, Miranda.


The conference will feature a "Voice of the Customer" interview with Darren Long, director of operations at Sky Sports, and a subsequent panel discussion also including Keith Beale, project director at BBC Broadcasting House, and Clyde Smith, senior vice president at Turner Broadcasting Systems. Other conference panelists will include Jeremy Deaner, CEO, Amberfin; Adrian Scott, director, Media Asset Capital; Naomi Climer, vice president, Sony Europe; Joe Zaller, principal, Devoncroft; Tom Morrod, head of TV technology, IHS Screen Digest; Carl Hibbert, head of broadcast, Futuresource Consulting; Tomas Petru, president, Visual Unity and head of board, Kit Digital; and Steve Plunkett, director, technology and innovation, Red Bee Media.

The topics slated for discussion at the 2011 IABM Annual Conference include:
• focusing on core competencies and outsourcing
• mergers and acquisitions: some key strategic fundamentals
• understanding the current business climate
• optimizing business processes
• generating revenue in a changing environment
• exploiting business opportunities and profitable trends
• understanding changing customer requirements


White continued, "Last year the IABM annual conference was lauded as the best yet. This year the program is even better, focusing right on the heart of our industry and the challenges that beset us. I am really excited about this year's conference — it's an absolute must-not-miss event."