Hybrid brings Neon's Virtual Set to a Complete New Level Adding up a Powerful IT Vision Mixer

Visit Hybrid at booth #C4345

It has finally arrived! Hybrid unveils at this year at NAB 2014 its version of the IT-Centric Vision Mixer to complement its virtual set /augmented reality solutions. This software IT-Centric Vision Mixer will support either HD-SDI, or streaming (e.g. H.264) outputs.

Some powerful features of the Ozone IT vision mixer:
•  Programmable buttons to preset actions (eg: Pgm/Pst transition configuration, DVE, …

•  User Actions: 22 pushbuttons (that can act as toggle if wanted) for the user to trigger specific    events (eg: toggle an object, start an animation, …)

•  PGM/PST Bar: A 3 bar component with PROGRAM, PRESET and KEY BUS selection

•   A TBar for the PGM/PST with auto and cut capabilities  (dissolves, fades, etc)

•   Attach on every widget (eg PGM1, or PST3, or TBar) standard Ozone and/or Krypton actions: eg  Trigger a GPI, Start an animation at the same time you switch a camera

•   Streamer: This panel allows you to record on a file (mpeg 4, mov.etc.. or to stream the PGM output of our virtual set solution Neon in IP format)


•  Memory Files: Supports the ability to save/load different mixer configurations

•  Input configuration: input sources can be ANY texture in Neon (live video , movie files, still shots, Render to texture), or ANY scene

•  DVE Layers: Included is a 5-layer DVE. You can do for example the image "dve.jpg" where there is an animated background + 4 other sources on top of it

Neon Production Center begins now at 25k USD with an IP out!

•  Sensor-less technology
•  Includes our IT Centric Vision Mixer (features listed below) New this year!
•  Real-time, SW based internal chroma-keyer software
•  Easy to set up
•  Can operate with any existing camera and lens
•  Totally portable virtual studio software-based solution
•  No need for sophisticated tracking setup and calibration
•  Multi camera control
•  Up to 5 HD video input streams whether cameras or VTR inputs


•  IP Out :Output streaming in H264   New this year!
•  Multiple programs/previews
•  Powerful Mercury widget to control unlimited virtual cameras and instant camera switching
•  Native interface to several mixers on the market today (like the ATEM Blackmagic Design vision mixer)
•  Depth of field
•  Billboarding
•  Playlist of actions
•  Incredible list of 2D effects (cut, wipe, PiP…)
•  Upgrade to tracking virtual studio available
•  On-air graphics module
•  Local scene editing and offline preview
•  Unlimited number of pre recorded video files (mpeg, avi, .mov)
•  Library of 23 pre-designed sets
• Social media interface with Never.no