How 3Play 4800 Changes Price Performance of Replay


NewTek made an aggressive move in the replay market this week with the announcement and simultaneous release of 3Play 4800.

The multicamera replay server features four-channel redundant capture and adds selected production elements, such as visual effects, live replay switching, and social-media publishing. The system is available now priced at $39,995.

“With this product, we’re really changing the price performance of multicamera hi-def replay,” says Philip Nelson, SVP of artist and media relations. “We’re taking it to the next level, not to speak in cliché, but it’s not just replay; it actually adds in some live-production elements with simple switching and graphics. What we’ve found, especially in places like stadiums, they need to do more on their replay systems and a lot of them don’t have the budget.”


The 4800’s redundant capture handles four live-video sources and doubles up ISO recordings and protects all media assets. It’s also fully customizable as users can choose to forgo redundancy and simultaneously record all eight inputs as separate camera feeds to add more angles as needed.

Users can also monitor all angles during replay, transitioning among them much like a production switcher.  Live animated, 3D-warped visual-transition effects are added for switching and in-program editing. The server allows import of a user’s own branded graphic elements as well. 4800 also features quick distribution to social-media sites.


“It’s not a Tricaster, it’s a replay system. But we’ve added in some of those production capabilities, because people need it,” says Nelson. “For one operator to be able to do your replays and to be able to throw in those elements, it maximizes the efficiency of your workflow in the control room.”

3Play 4800 Environment


NewTek hopes that 4800 helps break down the cost barrier to entry in the replay market, opening the door for entities ranging from professional and semiprofessional sports venues to high schools to add produced replay to their production offerings.

“Those elements in the game are actually sellable inventory,” adds Nelson. “It’s not just something that’s nice to have. It’s a moneymaker. If people are glued to those screens, that’s money. So we feel like this is going to help a lot of venues have some sellable inventory that’s compelling to look at.”

3Play 4800 replaces the 820 in NewTek’s line of relay offerings. 3Play 420 is still available.

NewTek Developer Network Making Noise
Also this week, NewTek announced expansion of the NewTek Developer Network, a growing ecosystem of companies that create compelling workflows for NewTek customers. The Network, which already includes industry leaders Avid and Chyron, offers customers an extended set of products that work directly with TriCaster to provide innovative solutions and support for live production.


“NewTek’s TriCaster has been very popular with Ustream broadcasters with its multicamera switching, 1080p, video playback, and green screen with chroma key — basically everything you would want to do on video production at a really affordable price point,” said Ustream CEO Brad Hunstable in a NewTek release. “Ustream is thrilled to partner with NewTek, to include native support for Ustream inside of every TriCaster.”

The Network includes companies in several different categories — streaming, graphics, content, controllers — which, together with TriCaster, offer NewTek customers unprecedented and innovative options for live streaming and production.

The companies unveiling products and workflows for TriCaster customers include:

    Haivision: Automate cloud transcoding with HyperStream Live to reach all Internet audiences with the highest-quality adaptive-bitrate (ABR) streams
     Ustream: Stream directly from the TriCaster to Ustream with one click


    Compix: Linx – Software-based character generator for the TriCaster with optional channel branding and social-media integration
    Graphics Outfitters: IVGA Connect – Connect any external HD-SDI source over the Ethernet to TriCaster

    Freeplay Music: Desktop access to free and affordable music for TriCaster

    AJA: KUMO SDI routers – Connects up to 32 sources with TriCaster 8000
    Utah Scientific: UTAH-100/UDS – modular router system provides additional sources for the TriCaster 8000