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Honoring the Best in New Technology

Sony F- 65; Cartoni - Maxima; PRG - TrueColor Foton; ((Radar))ONE; doddlePRO

Since its inception in 1996, Cine Gear Expo (CGE) has been committed to producing the premier trade event for those engaged in the field of the moving image. CGE is dedicated to serving the community of film, video and digital professionals by providing an outstanding industry affair focusing on new technologies, educational forums and time to catch up with peers. At the Hollywood exhibition in June 2011 the following winners were announced:


Camera technology - Sony Electronics - Sony F- 65
Honorable mentions: 
Viewfactor - Digi Fiz
Oppenheimer Camera - On Board Mains Power Supply

Support technology - Cartoni - Maxima

Lighting technology - PRG - TrueColor Foton
Honorable mentions: 
Hive Lighting - New Product Line
Lite Gear - VHO Hybrid LED System

Sound Technology - No Award Given

3D Technology - No Award Given

Post Production Technology - ((Radar)) - ((Radar))ONE

Other - Mobile Imagination - doddlePRO


Dana Christiaansen - Director/ Director of Photography
Daron James - Sound
Peter Santoro, Fotokem - Post Production
Joshua Thatcher, Local 728 - Lighting
Peter Anderson, ASC - 3D