Slim 8 KW amplifier solution for 4 to 16 ohms: DELTA8.4-DSP

From 4-way monitoring to full-fledged front PA applications, ASID GmbH presents a new Hoellstern® power amplifier: the DELTA8.4-DSP. With a built-in 4-channel DSP, remote control option, free DSP configuration, powerful and stable outputs plus all IN and OUT protections of the DELTA amplifier series.

In „ON“ mode each of the 4 channels of the DELTA8.4-DSP delivers 1,300 watts at 8 ohms and 1,700 watts at 6 ohms, in „OFF“ mode the output power is 4 x 850 watts at 8 ohms or 4 x 1,700 watts at 4 ohms resp.

The proven Hoellstern® DSP loudspeaker management with 4 discrete audio inputs has also been integrated. The setups of the global manufacturer-independent Hoellstern® loudspeaker library are available free of charge. They raise the safety margin, facilitate your daily routine and are future-proof. Like all other Hoellstern® amplifiers, the DELTA8.4-DSP may be comfortably operated via an RS-485 network under Windows and Mac using the free Konfigurator2™ software or configured and controlled via the Hoellstern AmplifierTeacher™.

Who doesn’t need the flexibility typical of Hoellstern® amplifiers (load stable down to 1 ohm with certain models) won’t have to pay for it, either. Owing to the current limitation to 35 amperes on the output side, the design of the DELTA8.4-DSP – with the same high quality level – could be realised in a more cost-effective model. Looking at the resulting overall performance and its four separate inputs, under economic aspects the DELTA8.4-DSP is a very interesting 4-channel amplifier for all loudspeaker systems. It is easy to operate, highly flexible and the constantly updated loudspeaker library will reduce your costs even further. The new Hoellstern® DELTA8.4-DSP rounds off the series of 4-channel amplifier models by Hoellstern® in a reasonable way.