Hitachi Kokusai Establishes Turkish Subsidiary, Fuels Expansion of Broadcast Equipment Business in Middle East Region

Cemal Yilmaz, Hitachi Kokusai Electric Turkey: Hitachi targets strategic global expansion of broadcast equipment business

At Cabsat, Hitachi Kokusai Electric (Stand F7-20) will announce the establishment of a new independent subsidiary company aimed at supporting its business development activities in the Middle East, Africa, Russia and CIS regions.  Hitachi Kokusai Turkey is headquartered in Istanbul in the Republic of Turkey and opened its offices on June 10, 2013. At the same time, in a strategic move designed to expand its global business, Hitachi Kokusai is establishing a dedicated manufacturing facility in the Tuzla free trade zone near Istanbul.

"Our purpose in establishing Hitachi Kokusai Turkey is to expand our broadcast equipment and broadcast system business into the Middle East, Africa, Russia and CIS regions“, said Cemal Yilmaz, general manager at Hitachi Kokusai Electric Turkey. "Specifically, we will build relationships with relevant local companies and customers, and create sales, maintenance, and service infrastructures, growing and enhancing our broadcast equipment and system businesses throughout these dynamic and strategically important regions.“

Hitachi Kokusai Turkey will not only provide services such as sales and maintenance, but also develop its "local production for local consumption" business model focussed on locally developed, designed, and manufactured products in Turkey's free trade zones (specially developed areas that support companies that export products manufactured in free trade zones from Turkey).

From its 5.000 square metre production facility in Free-Zone/Tuzla-Istanbul Hitachi Kokusai Turkey manufactures some of the broadcast market’s most cost-effective high-end products, systems and solutions, serving customers in the regional broadcast industry and government institutions.

Hitachi Kokusai Turkey design, develop and manufacture mobile antenna systems, controllers and SATCOM components, which are integrated into customized DSNG (Digital satellite news gathering ) vehicles, special purpose vehicles and Outside Broadcasting trucks that the company designs and manufactures within its facilities. Also, Hitachi Kokusai Turkey build and integrate earth stations for satellite communications, terrestrial sites and build complete production studios to create turnkey solutions for their customers.


“Seeking to become one of the leading manufacturers and system integrators on the global market for broadcast and mobile communications systems based on satellite technology, we have brought together a highly qualified team with many year’s experience,” stated Cemal Yilmaz. “At our in-house facilities we design, develop and manufacture our own state-of-the-art equipment and components, SNG antenna systems, vehicle-based coach-building systems and system integration services. We can convert and create vehicle bodies of all sizes, ranging from small and medium size vans for News SNG vehicles to massive articulated trailers for Outside Broadcasting mobile studios (OB Vans).”


Looking at the regional economy, Turkey has plans to migrate nationally to a digital broadcasting system and expansion is expected in the markets related to the new system’s introduction. In addition, Hitachi Kokusai is paying attention to the development of the broadcast equipment and broadcast system business markets in Europe, the Middle East & Africa (EMEA).

"We will use our new company in Turkey to grow and expand our global video and wireless network, business, with a view to expanding our broadcast equipment business into the EMEA market using broadcast equipment system integration services“, concluded Yilmaz.


About Hitachi Kokusai Electric
Broadcast and professional video cameras made by Hitachi Kokusai Electric are synonymous for innovation and ultimate performance - Hitachi has been one of the most significant Japanese companies in developing broadcast camera technology.

Hitachi launched the first portable Professional Video Camera that could directly compete against studio-cameras in the early 90s - a technical revolution in its time. The company is also responsible for the development of digital TRIAX-technology.
Today Hitachi is even more successful in developing and providing high-end broadcast technology. It is committed to meeting the needs of its users today, while helping to forge a migration path for tomorrow. Studio productions, documentaries, sports or live-events, Hitachi offers sophisticated camera systems for a wide range of production techniques.