HD Signs Presents ARRI's ALEXA with Fiber Remote Option at Bavaria Film Studios


The ALEXA Fiber Remote Option (FRO) is a version of the ALEXA camera that has been adapted specifically for broadcast-style, multi-camera productions. Using a certified system that includes CopperHead from Telecast Fiber Systems, ALEXA and ALEXA Plus models can be connected through a SMPTE 311M fiber connection and remote controlled for live painting of the image.

The system introduces ALEXA’s exceptional dynamic range, latitude, highlight and shadow details, color rendering, natural skin tones, high sensitivity and low noise to entirely new applications, allowing a significant increase in production value for a wide range of televised events.


Fiber connectivity permits the ALEXA’s unparalleled image quality, already highly sought after for film-style, single camera production, to be used for live, multi-camera productions. The FRO consists of a Fiber Remote Box mounted on top of  the ALEXA camera, coupled with a Telecast CopperHead 3400 system, which includes a camera-mountable transceiver, base station and CHRCP-2050 remote camera control panel.  The CopperHead 3400 system is ARRI-certified as an essential third-party accessory that enables the ALEXA cameras to be connected and remotely controlled via SMPTE 311M fiber.

ARRI ALEXA with Telecast CopperHead 3400


Proprietary software developed by ARRI for the CopperHead remote camera-control panel makes it possible to control RGB gain, gamma, shutter, iris and all other parameters typically associated with broadcast cameras while retaining ALEXA’s 35mm filmic look. Adding the ability to perform live image painting enables ALEXA camera users to extend its high value image qualities to live, multi-camera productions using familiar broadcast-style joystick and rotary controls. 

Telecast's CopperHead is specifically designed to provide a robust fiber link between camera and truck or studio, simultaneously converting baseband signals from 3G/HD-SDI outputs to optical and transferring them over a single, lightweight fiber optic cable to a CopperHead base station for insertion into a live production. This provides the ability to integrate live imagery into any studio or production room environment.

Telecast CHRCP-2050 remote camera control panel


Mario Mentel-Hülsbusch, Managing Director at HD Signs, has invited producers, cameramen and directors to Studio 6 at Bavaria Film Studios in Geiselgasteig to demonstrate the greatly extended opportunities of the ALEXA camera system. He commented, "The new FRO from Telecast offers a great solution for the integration of the ALEXA camera system into TV studio or OB van environments for full functional live painting and highly reliable video/audio signal transmission.”

Among other productions, the ALEXA FRO was effectively used to transfer images for the recently released COLDPLAY LIVE 2012 DVD, capturing detailed highlights and shadows, rich color and natural skin tones.