Hans Stucken joins AV Stumpfl

Hans Stucken joins AV Stumpfl

Hans Stucken joins the newly created position of Global Marketing Manager at Austria’s AV Stumpfl®

Hans Stucken will be responsible for campaigns, brand partnerships, communication strategy, product marketing and events. With a proven track record, Stucken brings a wealth of digital and technology marketing experience to AV Stumpfl as the company continues its successful transformation into a truly global, world-leading, digital first technology brand.

“As a brand, AV Stumpfl is rather unique in how traditional values are combined with cutting edge innovation. As their growing global outreach and product portfolio diversifies, there’s a need for more coordinated marketing to shape its future development to further drive user engagement. The people who use our technology are true innovators as are the people who design and create it,” said Stucken.

Fabian Stumpfl, Business Development Manager / HR added: “Hans has brilliant marketing and digital technology expertise that will really help us continue to drive forward our ambitious global growth plans, serving customers in various markets.”


About AV Stumpfl
AV Stumpfl is an award-winning Austrian company that designs, manufactures and markets a range of high-performance mobile and installation projection screens and multi-display and show control systems for professional and business applications. As a family business, its founders started the company out of a passion for the advancement of presentation and installation technologies. The product range is warranted for 24/7 usage. AV Stumpfl is located in Wallern, Austria, and is supported by a global network of distribution and service partners.

New Global Marketing Manager shares his passion for branding

Hans Stucken had his first taste of international technology at the early age of 16 whilst studying in Japan. He reflects on his spectacular career to date working for multinational audiovisual technology companies. AV Stumpfl’s Global Marketing Manager, Hans Stucken, talks about his love of technology and how pursing his passion has led to huge career opportunities. 

Questions & Answers

1.         Where did you first start? One of the defining periods of my life was without doubt the year I spent living in Japan as a 16 year old exchange student. Digital technology was and is a really fascinating field that keeps seducing me. I originally started out in the German television industry after completing TV and Radio related degrees at Bournemouth University in the UK. Due to a number of coincidences, I found myself in the audiovisual and multimedia world shortly after. What I particularly love about the wider AV industry is the way in which rock’n’roll and high-tech intersect.

After a few amazing years with western companies I decided it was time for a different cultural experience.

In order to pursue Asian studies on an academic level, I very recently enrolled at a University in Germany, which was when I was approached by AV Stumpfl. Their passion and their strong family background won me over in a flash. The AV Stumpfl brand deserves much more exposure, as do the people behind the scenes. I’m delighted to now be part of the team and to be able to help tell this story.


2.         In your career, what or who has been your biggest influence?  The prophet of all things cyberpunk, William Gibson, of Neuromancer fame. This guy already contemplated key issues surrounding the internet and cyberspace 30 years before those things had actually become a reality.

3.         What inspires you?  The art of storytelling. I love theatre, opera, cinema, basically any medium that tells a story, even theme park rides. Of course in case of a theme park ride you only have a few minutes to tell your story, but it nevertheless has to be told well.

I’ve met a lot of inspiring people over the years, but digital technology convergence itself is definitely inspiring in its own right. It is highly fascinating for me to see how traditional industries are changing, merging or intersecting.

To be working with a manufacturer gives me the chance to be part of that process.

4.          What has been the biggest challenge in your career?  The biggest challenge has been to present the possibilities of real-time digital technology to a wider audience. In certain market segments, there’s still a lot of conservatism when it comes to changing existing AV structures.

There are several exciting new tools available now for telling stories in non-linear ways, and I see it as part of my job to introduce and highlight those to potential customers.

5.          What can we expect to see from you in your new role? Ideally we as a team would like to surprise you with some unexpected and slightly crazy ideas. My aim is to underline the heartfelt emotions behind the technology at AV Stumpfl, so watch this space.