Haivision Welcomes AWS to the SRT Alliance

A Compelling Endorsement from an Industry Leader

Haivision is excited to share the news that AWS has become the newest member of the SRT Alliance. AWS has joined the SRT Alliance to help further advance the adoption of the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol with native SRT support in AWS Elemental MediaConnect.This announcement marks a significant milestone for both broadcasters and the wider SRT community. With AWS SRT support, broadcasters will now be able to stream SRT to and from AWS Elemental MediaConnect, for low latency video contribution and distribution. For the SRT community, it further cements SRT’s position as the industry’s most widely adopted protocol for live video transport.

As AWS explains, much of what it builds is a direct result of customer requests, and in this case, customers have been asking for SRT support in MediaConnect. With SRT protocol input and output, AWS is expanding the capabilities of the service, giving customers more options when it comes to building scalable, reliable, and secure live video workflows in the AWS Cloud.

How Does this News Impact Haivision Customers?

Any organization with live video workflows running on AWS will now be able to leverage Haivision products to stream live video into and out of their AWS cloud-based applications via MediaConnect and the SRT protocol. For customers looking for reliable, must-not-fail, low latency video ingest to AWS Elemental MediaConnect, the Makito X4 is the perfect solution. The Makito X4 video encoder is now included in the AWS Media Services Compatibility Program and looking ahead, we expect the Makito X4 video encoder/decoder pair which has been tested by AWS to be added soon.


“One of the challenges with live video workflows is connecting a diverse ecosystem of solutions,” said Dan Gehred, Solutions Marketing Manager for AWS. “SRT has shown that it’s an important transport protocol, and it provides secure and reliable transport of live video to and from the AWS Cloud. With SRT protocol input and output in AWS Elemental MediaConnect, along with input in AWS Elemental Live appliances and software, AWS customers have more options when it comes to building scalable, reliable, and secure live video workflows.”

As Haivision CEO, Mirko Wicha explains, “Haivision’s mission in open sourcing SRT was to change the way the world streams video. With AWS’ support of SRT, we can truly say that our development and networking engineering team has created a de-facto standard for the broadcast and streaming industries.”


SRT Grows from Strength to Strength

Originally developed and pioneered by Haivision the SRT protocol enables the delivery of high quality, secure, low latency video across the public internet. To encourage widespread adoption so that more companies and customers could benefit from the exciting technology, Haivision released SRT on GitHub in 2017 as an open source technology stack and protocol and founded the SRT Alliance. The SRT Alliance is a 450-member strong community of industry leaders and developers who are focused on addressing the challenges of low latency streaming through the collaborative development of SRT.