GS-R24 Installed in SSR Teaching Studio in Jakarta

SSR Jakarta Royal Mediterania Garden, Lavender Tower (RL) 2nd Floor, Jakarta Barat, Indonesia 11470. Tel: +6221-2933.5678

An Allen & Heath GS-R24 firewire recording mixer and Pro Tools 10 have been installed in SSR’s teaching studio in Jakarta, Indonesia.

SSR was originally founded in 1984 in Manchester, England, and was the first audio engineering school in the UK. SSR Jakarta launched in 2011 and has built a reputation as one of Indonesia's best audio training facilities, running courses including the flagship Audio Engineering Techniques & Technology course.


“Our GS-R24 Studio provides a good and comfortable environment with a great acoustic design. Students have an ideal environment to learn the fundamentals of analogue signal flow, patching and digital recording,” Jason O Bryan, head of the Audio Engineering Technic and Technology (AETT) programme. “GS-R24 integrates with Pro Tools and it’s like having a dedicated HUI controller embedded in the analogue heart of desk. You press a channel Select button, and you get instant access to all key functions in the master section.”

GS-R24 integrated with Pro Tools


In addition, SSR Jakarta also has an 80-capacity live venue exclusively used by SSR’s Live Sound Engineering, Live Sound for Worship, and Digital Film and Music Video Production Courses.

The facility is equipped with an Allen & Heath ML4000 VCA console, GL2400 dual function mixer and iLive-T80 with iDR-32 digital mixing system for students to experience both analogue and digital systems.