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Grass Valley Transmission and Headend Divisions Renamed

Technicolor is separating its transmission and headend divisions

As part of the process of the Grass Valley divestiture, Technicolor is separating its transmission and headend divisions from Grass Valley. These two business units will now operate as stand-alone entities under the THOMSON brand and are being renamed Thomson Broadcast and Thomson Video Networks. Since the earliest years of broadcasting, the Thomson name has been synonymous with expertise and innovation at the highest level and a trusted partner to the world's leading broadcasters.

Thomson Broadcast and Thomson Video Networks

Thomson Broadcast provides advanced services, technologies, and product families for terrestrial television, radio, and scientific transmission applications, including a comprehensive range of antennas, transmitters, and Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) radio systems, with industry-leading innovation in developments such as the Thomson GreenPower series of energy-efficient transmitters. Drawing on extensive experience in analog broadcasting and close relationships with leading broadcasters around the world, Thomson Broadcast is once again at the forefront of technological innovation, with a range of efficient, flexible, and future-proof digital solid-state and tube-based transmitters for HD, 3D, and mobile TV transmission. Nicolas Dallery has been appointed to head Thomson Broadcast.

Thomson Video Networks provides a unique portfolio of innovative video compression and content processing solutions at the digital headend, with exceptional professional services for network operators and broadcasters. Offering solutions for a rapidly evolving 21st century media industry, Thomson Video Networks develops state-of-the-art hybrid and multiformat compression systems for DTH, terrestrial and mobile TV, IPTV, as well as Web TV networks based around the key ViBE product family. The company also provides exemplary strategies for migration to IP-based video transport, breakthrough video server technologies, and comprehensive redundancy and monitoring systems. Every day, Thomson Video Networks delivers crystal clear video to millions of homes worldwide. Christophe Delahousse will continue to head Thomson Video Networks.

About Thomson Broadcast

Since the earliest years of broadcasting, the Thomson name has been synonymous with expertise and innovation at the highest level. A trusted partner to the world's leading broadcasters, Thomson has pioneered many developments that have shaped the industry, leading innovation in solid-state technology, Digital Adaptive Pre-correction (DAP), Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM), and Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB); winning multiple Emmy® Awards; and gaining more than 50 patents in technologies that have become fundamental to broadcasting. Thomson Broadcast is building on this great heritage with a market-leading portfolio of transmission products for terrestrial television, radio broadcasting, and scientific applications, combined with world-class systems integration services. With more than 50,000 active Thomson transmission systems deployed worldwide and a global support presence, Thomson Broadcast continues to forge technologies for the future, with initiatives such as the innovative GreenPower and broadcast/mobile convergence programs.


Thomson Broadcast

About Thomson Video Networks

From the very onset of digital TV broadcasting, the Thomson name has been synonymous with supplying expertise, quality, and reliability to the world's leading broadcasters. Thomson Video Networks builds on this great heritage by providing unique and innovative video delivery solutions for a premium viewing experience. The Thomson Video Networks philosophy, since delivering the world's first large scale direct-to-home satellite system, has always been the same — to provide the best possible picture quality across any networks, to any devices. As a worldwide leader in compression systems for satellite, terrestrial, cable, IPTV, mobile TV, and Web streaming, Thomson Video Networks is helping its customers deliver superior quality video to anything from small handheld devices to large 3D high-definition screens, with the lowest bandwidth to ensure a profitable business model. A trusted supplier with more than 20 percent of the active channels deployed worldwide, a global support presence, and culture of delivering quality at every stage, Thomson Video Networks boasts the experience and range of products to supply every need, from hybrid multiformat compression systems to contribution links for content exchange networks.


Thomson Video Networks

About Technicolor

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