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Grass Valley PreNAB News - Broadcast

Grass Valley at NAB

With pressure on broadcasters to deliver more services and greatly improve energy efficiency, Grass Valley™ is launching new functionality for its broadcast equipment at NAB 2010. The innovations support HD, 3D, green technologies and mobile broadcasts.

Grass Valley Expands Functionality of K2 Summit/Solo Servers with Innovative "ChannelFlex" for adding 3D, Super Slo-Mo, Key/Fill and Multi-Cam Support

Thanks to new software capabilities within its AppCenter Elite software suite that leverage a highly flexible system architecture, Grass Valley™ has made it possible for all K2 Summit™ and K2 Solo™ servers to be expanded from handling four SD/HD video streams to up to eight streams in specific applications such as Super Slo-Mo, multi-cam recording, and even 3D.

Grass Valley Tightens Final Cut Pro Integration For Streamlined Newsroom Workflows and Better Production Efficiency

Grass Valley™ has added new features and functionality to its GV Connect plug-in for Final Cut Pro users which increases productivity and provides new performance benefits when working with Grass Valley K2 media servers and storage area networks. The latest version, 2.0, adds tighter newsroom computer integration with K2/Aurora news systems, via the MOS protocol, to tightly link scripts with audio and video clips making digital news production easy and getting news content to air much faster and more efficiently.


Grass Valley Adds New Functionality to Revolutionary K2 Dyno Replay System for Improved Productivity

Following its highly successful launch last fall, the Grass Valley™ K2 Dyno™ replay system has already been enhanced with new features and functionality for file-based workflows that are now available as free upgrades to existing customers.

The K2 Dyno controller coupled with the K2 Summit™ production client is designed to help sports producers and other professionals capture live events in crystal-clear SD/HD resolutions and instantly play them out at variable speeds for critical analysis during fast-paced events. It is ideally suited for SD/HD sports production trucks and shared storage production facilities.

Grass Valley Delivers World's First End-to-End 1080p Camera Channel; Simplifies 3D Control

With Grass Valley™ cameras being a choice for studios and outside broadcast trucks worldwide, NAB2010 sees two major new innovations to further increase their flexibility. First, a unique fiber transmission system carries 1080p 3 Gb/s signals from the camera to the base station and into the production network; and second, a new 3D software enhancement of the standard camera control panel enables two cameras to be controlled simultaneously so that stereographic shaders can control 3D pairs of cameras from a single control panel.

The latest version of the fiber transmission system offers the capability for 1080p50 and 59.94 bandwidth, so with a single fiber adaptor the user of the LDK 8000 Elite WorldCam camera line can switch between 720p50/60, 1080i50/60, and now 1080p50/60. 1080p has been added without compromising any other functionality of the fiber interconnection, including an HD return video path and the ability to run up to 4,000 meters (13,100 feet) on SMPTE-standard hybrid fiber.