Gigawave’s New Micro Camera


Vislink Technologies, a worldwide leader in microwave, satellite and wireless communication systems, has announced the world launch of a new HD micro camera from Vislink’s Gigawave brand.

Gigawave’s full-resolution HD micro camera measures only 80x24x24mm (without lens) and weighs a mere 80gms. Powered by a 10–18VDC supply, with HD-SDI video input arriving via SMB connector, the camera is designed to deliver full broadcast quality images in the most demanding environments.

“Our experience in producing motorsport  on-board video broadcast systems and the customer feedback from that sector and others has resulted in a camera that can be used not just for motorsport but for applications in areas such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) video surveillance or  body-worn applications,” said Vislink International Chief Executive Officer Stephen Rudd.  “Because it is a single-piece camera that includes remote control functionality, it can be directly connected to, and is fully operable with, existing Gigawave on-board camera systems.”


The market space for video camera systems derived from on-board video broadcasting systems appears to be an expanding one.  Earlier this year, market research house IMS reported that the on-board HD camera market for police cars in the USA is set to grow at more than 20% over the next four years.

Rudd added, “Gigawave’s history of innovation has not gone unnoticed by customers who use our products for a wide variety of wireless video applications. Whether it is supplying HD video from a motorcycle travelling at 340 km/hr, or using aerial helicopter video links to monitor ecstatic crowds exiting the stadium from the games in London this summer, Gigawave solutions deliver the quality and immediacy that our customers demand. Our new HD micro camera will further extend our reputation for innovation.”


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