"German Engineering" for Al Jazeera with Sachtler’s Video 20

For Allard, it is not only important to tell beautiful stories but also to report on the fate of individuals

Olympic Games, natural disasters, and bombings – cameraman Matthew Allard has reported about almost everything for Al Jazeera, the international news broadcaster that has its headquarters in Doha, Qatar.

Allard has already been recognized 15 times by the Australian Cinematographers Society for his impressive documentaries and news features. During shoots all over the world, he relies on the Video 20 fluid head by Sachtler, part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company. With its easy and ergonomic operation, the legendary fluid head by Sachtler has been an ideal tool for daily work in electronic newsgathering for more than 50 years.

From Japan, Allard reported on the aftermath of the tsunami in 2011


Three words are enough
"After the devastating Tsunami in 2011, I spent 150 days in the Japanese disaster area to report on the aftermath live on location," Allard describes. "Wherever I am, I always rely on my Video 20 and Video 18 tripod systems." In unimaginable heat or freezing temperatures, in water or sand, indoors or in the jungle – the precise craftsmanship allows the cameraman to depend on his camera support and devote his entire attention to his work – even under the most unusual filming conditions and in the most extreme temperatures. "I like to describe my Sachtler tripods with three words: dependability, quality, and performance," Allard says.

This must be told
For Allard, the Video 20 has become indispensable for capturing his news stories and documentaries. The Video 20’s patented damping system with its 7 horizontal and 7 vertical grades of drag (+0), the finely tuned counterbalance with Speedbalance technology, as well as modern and high-quality construction material allow Allard to work professionally and creatively all over the world.


On his travels, Allard runs into meaningful stories everywhere which – in his opinion – must be told: "I want to document the experiences of completely normal people and make these experiences accessible for everyone. I think every one of us has an interesting story to tell. My job is to show the beauty and sometimes also the sadness of the events, and to make all of this tangible to the viewers." As a storyteller, the cameraman focuses on capturing individual lives authentically and objectively in his documentaries.  "It is their story, not mine," Allard explains.

Matthew Allard relies on his Video 20 for news stories all over the world


Matthew Allard has already traveled to over 40 countries to produce reports about current events. "I have been working for Al Jazeera for the last six years, but in the industry for the last 23. This is why my job brings me so much happiness, even though I have seen a lot of horrible things," the Australian cameraman enthusiastically says. With the dependable Sachtler Video 18 and Video 20 fluid heads in his suitcase, Allard is well prepared for every situation, both present and future.