G&D Major expansion of IP portfolio at NAB2018

Major expansion of IP portfolio

G&D to present their new KVM-over-IP™ matrix at NAB

The extensive KVM portfolio of German manufacturers G&D has so far focused on systems with dedicated transmission[1]. Some time ago, the company introduced major expansions with its specially developed KVM-over-IP™ technology. For NAB 2018, G&D have added brand-new devices to this product line.


[1] Dedicated transmission means that existing infrastructures consisting of CAT cables or fiber optics can be used. However, they must be exclusively available for KVM systems. In practice, the cabling for the original network deployment becomes obsolete anyway. When using KVM equipment, both the data transfer and the computers remain in the server room.

Until now, the portfolio included only one extender system based on KVM-over-IP™ technology. With pixel-perfect video quality, maximum reliability and security features as well as optimum latency behavior, the system offers G&D’s well-known high performance. However, one important aspect has been missing so far: the possibility of switching. This possibility is now added with the ControlCenter-IP as central appliance.

KVM-over-IP™ meets matrix
The additional network integration of the ControlCenter-IP turns the extender systems, which have so far only implemented a point-to-point connection between computer and workstation over IP, into a powerful KVM matrix. Now every connected workstation can be granted access to any computer connected to the KVM system. Both the dynamic access and the use of KVM-over-IP™ give the application twice the flexibility. Secure and reliable operation is ensured by AES-128 encryption and the support of important aspects of quality of service.


While the network infrastructure takes over the transport of IP packets from A to B with the help of network switches and routers, the ControlCenter-IP contributes the logic. Included are all features that have been already very popular with users of the classic matrix switches ControlCenter-Digital and ControlCenter-Compact. First of all, there is the basic administration with extensive user and rights management. In addition, the device provides many helpful control room features from monitoring, scripting and scenario switching to push-get for optimal collaboration and the integration of video walls, up to CrossDisplay-Switching for absolutely intuitive operation at multi-monitor workstations.

Function diagram of the ControlCenter-IP


Versatile signals up to real 4K over IP
G&D have started their KVM-over-IP solutions with a system for DisplayPort 1.1.  But soon more signals will be supported as well. The company continues to live up to its reputation of offering the broadest portfolio of all manufacturers. Devices for DVI, dual-link DVI and DisplayPort™ 1.2 for 4K at 60Hz will follow. As usual at G&D, they will of course be compatible with each other.

Speaking of a broad portfolio: the new IP systems are not intended to be a replacement for G&D’s classic KVM systems. The KVM specialists continue to see applications for both in the future – KVM systems with dedicated transmission have their own advantages and thus continue to be relevant.

For weeks the new ControlCenter-IP has been undergoing meticulous testing procedures until it will soon be ready for its series release.


G&D are proud to be able to offer everything from a single source in the future, enabling them to provide the best possible solution for each customer project. A first system of the ControlCenter-IP will be shown at NAB Show 2018 at booth N3917. Only a few refinements for the familiar intuitive operation and G&D's typical, meticulous testing to market maturity will then be required before availability. The classic KVM systems and the multitude of features can also be seen at the show.

How devices are tested at G&D

What do device tests at G&D mean and what makes the German manufacturer's KVM products so popular with users? KVM devices are the backbone of computer technology in many industrial sectors and bring out the maximum of IT installations. With their equipment, G&D focus on the best possible mix of flexibility, functionality, compatibility and simplicity. These four aspects play a central role when developing new devices. All G&D products are subjected to the most stringent and extensive tests before they are released. For example, for weeks the new ControlCenter-IP has been undergoing meticulous testing procedures until it will soon be ready for its series release. As a part of its high level of development and test procedures, G&D uses the ISO 9001 certification as an important control tool for this. This way, we make sure that our devices are free from bugs and able to provide reliable and stable operation. In addition, it ensures the renowned intuitive and long-lasting use of the equipment.

Meticulous manufacturing and extensive product tests help avoid device and firmware errors even from the beginning. We also use only high-quality electronic components which guarantee a long service life. This is why G&D devices offer stability in continuous operation and are reliable and dependable 24/7. After all, KVM products are known for running around the clock for several years