Flat Plasma Lighting for Photography and Video Lighting at NAB 2014

Eden Park Illumination Launches the Studio 3000 Microplasma Light for Video and Photography Lighting Applications at booth C2050

NEW LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY: Based on Eden Park’s microplasma lighting technology that offers very high-quality, diffuse light, the Studio 3000 brings the 12 inch flat panel format to a new level of performance.

Eden Park Illumination has developed a new lighting technology called microplasma lighting which produces high-output, diffuse, no-glare lighting in a thin, mountable fixture for video, photography or cinematography applications. Unlike common LED lighting units, this new flat panel technology has extremely stable color temperature and is easy to look at without adding diffusers or chimeras.

The Studio 3000 Microplasma Light produces a high quality, uniform light (CRI 90) in thin panels that are easier to store, transport and set up than traditional studio lights. It is housed in a rugged fixture designed specifically for the video and photography market and as a bonus the Studio 3000 is more environmentally friendly than traditional lamps, using no mercury or lead in the product. The light is mountable on standard C-stands or other studio lighting fixtures and is designed for indoor and outdoor use. Whether it’s true color rendering on faces, shadow reduction or compatibility with high speed cameras, the Studio 3000 lamp from Eden Park Illumination is an excellent choice. The lamp is now for sale on-line at www.edenpark.com and through video/photography lighting distributors around the world. It is available in daylight and tungsten versions. The price for the Studio 3000 directly from Eden Park Illumination will be $1950 with additional accessories also available for purchase.


The Advantages of Microplasma Technology - Microplasma lighting solves the problems of bulky and heavy fixtures found in traditional light sources and moves beyond LED lights by eliminating non-uniform color shift, un-bearable brightness due non-planar point sources and low CRI. Microplasma lighting is unique due to its uniform lighting surface that eliminates the point light sources of LED and traditional lamps. With microplasma lighting there is no need to diffuse the light since it comes directly off the entire surface of the lamp. We use this revolutionary technology to produce reduced shadow, no-glare illumination. At last year’s National Association of Broadcasters (NAB 2013) show the technology was awarded best lighting product.

Product Advantages
·    Great fill light
·    Shadow reduction
·    No-glare when you stare into the light
·    Great skin tone reproduction
·    Application areas: Video interviews, faces, still life photography, wedding photography, portraits, fill light in combination with other types of lighting.


Eden Park Illumination Inc. advances the evolution of light and transforms the way light is applied through the cutting-edge development and innovation of Microplasma Lighting, a flat, ultra-thin, environmentally responsible light source that combines energy efficiency and long lifetime. Eden Park Illumination is an innovative lighting technology company benefiting from a rich heritage through its affiliation with the Laboratory of Optical Physics and Engineering at the University of Illinois and holds a prominent global patent portfolio. The company is committed to developing earth-friendly products and supports actions and decisions that positively impact the sustainability of the environment. The Company’s headquarters and R&D facility are located in Champaign, Illinois, USA.