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Fiber Optic Systems

The Neutrik opticalCON System

Some years ago fiber optic has been used for special cabling like HD broadcast cameras only. Meanwhile digital signal and network applications in pro audio, broadcast and touring / rental spring up like mushrooms. This opens a wide range of fiber optic use.

The application depth is extensive. Only a few examples are Audio, Data or DMX Network transmissions, digital HD video transmissions, future prove installations eliminating bandwidth limitations and noise and EMI protection on audio or video (LED walls) applications.

NEUTRIK | opticalCON system

The trend to use connectors out of the data communication / computer industry for pro audio and broadcast applications (RJ45 connectors) did also not stop short of fiber optic connectivity. Conventional data communication fiber optic connectors like ST, SC or LC are optimized for permanent one time connection but cannot meet the rough requirements of mobile applications and high mating cycles as required for the entertainment industry. By necessity used military connectors have been expensive and showed either high attenuation and return loss or no dust protection.

Design Criteria

Neutrik as connectivity specialist for rough entertainment applications solved mobile fiber optic connectivity problems when launching the opticalCON DUO fiber optic connection system in 2005.

The reliable and simple concept has proven its ruggedness and low maintenance which led to a wide acceptance in the pro audio and broadcast industry. Well-known equipment manufacturers of pro equipment as well as key users in broadcast and rental / touring trust in the opticalCON DUO.

The opticalCON system is based on LC connectors but eliminates their weakness and guarantees a safe, rugged, dust and water protected (acc. to IP65) connection.


opticalCON DUO

The opticalCON DUO Chassis connectors are compatible to conventional LC connectors which offers the choice of using cost effective LC cables or the rugged opticalCON mobile cable assembly. This final user flexibility makes the system to the ideal solution for equipment connections and system integration. The wide range of hybrid cables covers the need for powered applications as camera powering, SNG / ENG applications, etc.

The opticalCON DUO is used for various audio, lighting and video applications. Typically examples are audio and DMX network (ring switch) applications, video projection based on fiber optic DVI, HDMI or KVM signal converters or mobile video LED panels as well as various broadcast applications.


opticalCON QUAD

The new opticalCON QUAD is based on the proven opticalCON DUO connection system but with 4 channels it is optimized for POINT-TO-POINT interconnections and multi-channel routing applications. The system copes with the increasing need for fiber optic channels and offers a choice of three cables, each stands out due to remarkable features.

· The opticalCON QUAD 4 channel mobile field cable is rugged and lightweight. It is available in multi- and singlemode (PC or APC)
· The X-TREME cable offers a cut-proof and rodent resistant, double jacket, glass yarn armored cable construction which guarantees highest reliability for demanding applications like touring / rental or outdoor broadcast
· The innovative multichannel (12 channel) cable solution TRIPLE SPLIT is based on the opticalCON QUAD and offers maximal flexibility combining 4 and 12 channel cables.


opticalCON breakout and panel solutions

The opticalCON system is completed by breakout boxes which split a 4 channel point-to-point opticalCON QUAD connection to either two dual-channels or 4 single-channels and 19’’ Z-Panels which are, due to space saving design, the ideal solution for cramped rack applications as for example OB truck I/O panels.

Neutrik's opticalCON powerMONITOR is a cost-saving, purpose-built measurement (monitoring) device for professional fiber optic broadcast, audio and video applications.

By monitoring the attenuation of up to 4 transmission channels simultaneously the powerMONITOR informs "on air" and at first sight about the fiber optic quality status and simplifies troubleshooting work. Programmable alarm signals control the power budget of the fiber optic transmission lines at all times. As the user is supported with clear status info, potential problems can be identified early and maintenance intervals can be optimized.

The powerMONITOR is available in 19'' panels or mobile breakout boxes.


opticalCON field assembly

Field assembly is a new feature of the opticalCON system. With common connectors which can be soldered or crimped onto a cable this is no problem. With fiber optic connections it is different. As signals of a fiber optic connection are transmitted via light waves the assembly of the connectors has to be carried out in a clean room with highest precision. Neutrik offers a suitable solution for these requirements - the Neutrik opticalCON field assembly kit. This kit offers the possibility of a simplified installation which does not require expensive equipment. As always it is Neutrik's highest interest to keep the quality level, because of this it is required to attend a certified Neutrik opticalCON field assembly training.

The Neutrik group is a leading manufacturer of professional connector systems for the entertainment industry. The array of products ranges from XLR connector systems, jacks and plugs, loudspeaker connector systems, fiber optic connection systems, patch panels, coaxial connectors (BNC) to industrial connectors.