Excellent Sound Quality for Every Event

Sennheiser presents new assistive listening solution

With the EKI 830 bodypack receiver, audio specialist Sennheiser ensures that users with a hearing impairment can enjoy superior sound quality at cultural, entertainment or business events. The receiver brings all the features and advantages of private hearing aids to the field of professional events. With this new product, Sennheiser is helping theatres, cinemas and opera houses as well as conference and congress centres to offer their guests optimum audio support.

The receiver is designed to offer persons with a hearing impairment optimum support and user-friendly operation at all types of events. “Professional hearing support at cultural and business events is becoming increasingly important. Thanks to the new software version that equips the EKI 830 receiver, we can ensure that users with a hearing impairment can enjoy perfect sound quality, whether they are at a concert, in a theatre, at the cinema or in a conference hall”, said Jens Werner, Product Manager at Sennheiser.

Increased usability for organisers and end users
Intuitive, user-friendly operation and superior sound quality were our top priorities in the design process. Event organizers can choose from two available channels, which offer two mono or one stereo transmission mode in frequencies of 2.3 MHz or 2.8 MHz. The receiver automatically saves the individual settings. “This option has proven to be extremely efficient for operas or musical theatres. Sound technicians can simply choose the preferred channel before the performance and the receiver saves the settings even if it is turned off between shows,” explained Jens Werner.

End users have the possibility to set the EKI 830 receiver individually. They can adjust the volume and balance according to their needs and preferences.


High flexibility and reliability for event organisers
The receiver employs the same technology that has been successfully used on the RI 830 S audiology model, which was adapted to the special requirements of the professional events field. Certain warning signals – for instance, if the distance from the transmitter becomes too great – have therefore been disabled. This enables event participants to enjoy intervals without being disturbed and without having to turn off their devices. Moreover, the infrared system used on the receiver will not impair broadcasting in adjacent halls.

Users can connect their hearing aid devices to the receiver via the EZT 3011 induction loop. Headphones can be connected through a regular 3.5mm jack socket. The lithium-polymer battery guarantees an operating time of up to twelve hours. The device is compatible with the Sennheiser SI 1015 infrared wideband modulator as well as the SZI 1015 and SZI 1029 radiators. The EKI 830 bodypack receiver therefore rounds off Sennheiser’s range of infrared systems.

The new EKI 830 infrared receiver from Sennheiser is available immediately.