EVS XT3 Servers Integrate Seamlessly with new Grass Valley LDX XS Camera

Grass Valley LDX XS - EVS XT3 - EVS LSM

The latest EVS XT3 live video production server offers full support for the latest LDX HiSpeed (LDX HS™) 3X and LDX XtremeSpeed (LDX XS™) 6X Super Slow-Motion Cameras from Grass Valley. Existing XT3 customers can integrate these cameras into their existing workflow without the need for any additional equipment or the extra cost.

EVS XT3 servers have been supporting 3G already since 2011 enabling easy integration with other High Speed camera systems available on the market. By adding full support for the Grass Valley LDX 6X High Speed Super Slow Motion camera, live Super Slow Motion replays can now be fully managed and controlled via EVS Multicam LSM.

Leading Asian facilities provider Broadcast Solutions is planning to use its XT3 fleet along with recently released LDX XtremeSpeed cameras to offer unique 6x Super Motion replays to its customers.
Broadcast Solutions CEO Saeed Izadi said: “We’ve built a reputation for offering our customers the very best quality and cutting edge technology when it comes to our live production services. The integration between EVS XT3 servers and Grass Valley XtremeSpeed cameras is a real asset, allowing us to continue delivering the highest quality and leverage the very latest technology for live Super Slo-Mo replays.”


The integration between the EVS XT3 server and Grass Valley’s XtremeSpeed cameras is the result of a joint effort between the EVS and Grass Valley development teams. As a result, the EVS operator in the OB truck can control the Super Slow Motion feed from a LDX 6X HS or LDX XS camera, managing live replays with the same level of ease and accuracy as with any other HD camera. The operator can adjust variable speed levels from -400 to +400% for instant replays and create clips. The integration also allows production teams to benefit from the unique EVS SDTI and Gigabit Ethernet media sharing network, enabling advanced content management and exchange with post production and highlight creation teams.

“Thanks to our work with EVS we can now offer the market completely transparent integration between our products and deliver real benefits to our respective customers,” said Marcel Koutstaal, VP and general manager of Camera Systems at Grass Valley, a Belden Brand. “We’re very proud of this collaboration between ourselves and EVS and the way we’ve been able to achieve  the seamless integration between our cameras and the EVS XT3 server.”


“EVS XT3 servers are now very much at the heart of live sports production workflows. We want to ensure our customers have the maximum flexibility to choose the cameras that work best for them, so it’s critical that our servers can link seamlessly to all of the camera systems available on the market. As our work with Grass Valley demonstrates, this is an ongoing process, so that we can slot in with new technological advancements in camera technology,” Luc Doneux, EVP Sports at EVS added.

EVS XT3 servers are built on a fully open architecture, allowing tight integration with all existing Super, Ultra and HyperMotion camera system on the market.

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