EVS Releases Multicam11 to Control XT3 and XS Series Servers

Multicam 11 Upgrade

EVS announces the release of Multicam11 allowing the use of new configurations of XT3/XS series servers. This new software integrates significant setup improvement and extends system operation flexibility, including the 8-channel HD control.

This new exploitation system benefits from new Dual Power configurations onboard the XT3 and the latest generation of the XS systems which multiply the number of available channels on servers. Among others, it includes the use of XT3 6RU with 8-channel configurations or XT3 4RU with 7-channel configurations. The Multicam11 is able to mix effects on a single playback channel while offering a 3D 6-channel and 1080p 6-channel support.

Multicam11 is also designed to simplify the operator’s task by consolidating all setup possibilities which have been integrated into one single web interface, allowing XT/XS system setup operations to become smoother and quicker. This web interface, reachable from any web browser connected to the network, allows the user to change parameters while the server is still running, clarify audio setup as well as manage configurations available from the server, web and remote panel.


EVS has set up web links to documents for operators to use as reference guides:  

XT3/XS possible configurations (with new possibilities)

Multicam 11 mini-site  

New technical manual   

Back panel application   

Multicam 11 installation guide