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EVS as Key Football Player in South Africa

Approximately 50 XT[2]+ EVS servers and more than 100 IPDirector WS

EVS Broadcast Equipment S.A. (Euronext Brussels: EVS.BR, Bloomberg: EVS BB, Reuters: EVSB.BR) (Pinksheets: EVBEF), the leader in Professional Digital Video applications for live, near-live and studio TV production, is at the centre of the World Cup in South Africa.

More than 500 operators using EVS technology during the World Cup

Over the last decade, EVS has created a strong partnership with HBS (Host Broadcast Services), the company in charge of the production of the official television signal for major sporting events. As a result, under contract with HBS, EVS has again in South Africa a central place in the production facilities located near the 10 stadiums, where the host feed is exclusively recorded on EVS high definition XT[2]+ servers. In addition, EVS is at the heart of the International Broadcast Centre in Johannesburg with the FIFAMAX, a network of approximately 50 XT[2]+ EVS servers and more than 100 IPDirector workstations that gather all images from the field. These images are then instantly sent worldwide for live broadcast or used by journalists for highlights, analyses, etc. Finally, a lot of EVS clients are involved in the world cup, such as facility companies or broadcasters. They also use their existing EVS technologies for the production of that event.

In total, more than 350 EVS servers are exposed to the 2010 World Cup, and more than 500 TV specialists will use them on a daily basis in order to feed their live coverage and talk shows (including pre-game, fans entertainment, game and player analyses).

Most EVS technologies are provided by its customers but the company directly rents solutions, equipment and services for more than EUR 5 million for that event. More than 30 EVS experts are on the field for installation, maintenance and operator training.

Luc Doneux, Head of Big Sporting Events at EVS said: “We are very proud of being at the center of such an event. This is a recognition of the reliability and reactivity of our technologies, and the high level of service provided by our teams. New challenges for this year included the support of more complex cameras, the inclusion of the offside line in the host feed, and the additional production in 3D for 25 games. The volume of deployed EVS solutions is superior of 50% to what it was in Germany in 2006.”

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EVS Broadcast Equipment designs, develops and markets professional digital equipment for Television. The company employs over 320 persons in 14 countries and sells its products to professionals of the video and audio sectors in more than 90 countries. EVS is a public company traded on Euronext Brussels: EVS, ISIN: BE0003820371. For more information, refer to
EVS Broadcast is the world leader for Live TV Production Digital Disk Recorders and Related Software Applications, especially in the field of sports. The company’s dedicated hardware and software suite offer a complete production platform: live slow motion (LSM), high speed slow motion, replay only, clips generation, quick clips editing, real-time SD/HD video files transfer, time delay, multi-camera recording, metadata association, graphics storage and play-out, digital transmission, multi-format ingest and play-back, audio record & edit, webcasting, mobile phone clipping. Main software applications like the “IP Director®” are running on the dedicated robust and flexible hardware the “XT[2]® Platform”. The world’s leading broadcasters, such as NBC, BSkyB, FOX, RTBF, RTL, NHK, CANAL+, ABC, ESPN, TF1, CCTV, PBS, CBS, BBC, ZDF, Channel One, Channel7, RAI, TVE, NEP, MEDIAPRO, EUROMEDIA, BEXEL, ALFACAM and many others use EVS’ solutions.
EVS 41,3% affiliate XDC is the European leader for Digital Cinema technology and services in Europe with more than 1,350 committed digital screens in 11 European countries (Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, Portugal, Belgium, The Netherlands, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland) out of which 50% have already been deployed