EVS Celebrates 20 Years and Looks to the Future at NAB

EVS sets its sights firmly on future innovation while celebrating past successes

EVS, the leading provider of live video production systems, will celebrate its landmark 20th anniversary at NAB. As well as looking back at its long list of pioneering industry firsts, EVS is looking ahead to future innovation as it helps customers meet the challenges of a new media world head on.

"EVS has always had a pioneering spirit from day one and we’re very focused on continuing to develop new technology advancements that help our customers transform the way they produce and deliver media content,” explains EVS CEO Joop Janssen, “We’re also very proud and honoured to collaborate with some of the world’s leading experts in production and media provision. This gives us a unique insight into the challenges, constraints and requirements of major live production events that we can then adapt to real-world situations.”

In 2014 and beyond, EVS will continue developing innovative solutions designed to allow broadcasters to streamline and improve live, near-live and post production and enrich live TV programming. The focus will be on helping broadcasters and content owners maximize live content and media asset value in different ways, creating greater viewer engagement and increasing potential for new revenue.


EVS first broke into the broadcast market in 1994 with its innovative Live Slow Motion replay system, better known as LSM. The LSM system soon became a ’must have’ for live sports production worldwide. EVS continued to develop its LSM-based products and ideas, making the technology a staple for any live broadcasting event.


The first HD LSM was rolled out at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. With the technology advancements since 2000, EVS has developed ground-breaking solutions designed to address and eliminate a range of broadcast challenges – from live production servers and production asset management to the creation of customized content for multimedia delivery.

With over 1,000 customers, EVS’ technology is now present in more than 100 countries. Approximately 7,000 EVS servers are operated every day enabling fast-turnaround production of the best of sporting, entertainment and news events. 16,000 operators use EVS technology and there are billions of hours of live content recorded and delivered through its solutions every year. Since 1994, EVS has expanded its workforce from four staff to a 500 strong company based in 21 offices.


About EVS
EVS drives reliable and innovative technology to enable the production of live, enriched video programming.  Its broadcast and media production systems are used by broadcasters, production companies, post-production facilities, film studios, content owners and archive libraries, allowing them to work more efficiently and boost their revenue streams.

In 1994 the EVS Live Slow Motion system revolutionized live broadcasting. Since then, EVS has gone on to develop visionary solutions that address four key markets – Sports, Entertainment, News, and Media – including the XT3 4K advanced live production server, the new XS next generation server, the OpenCube file-based server, the new high-performing ‘news-in-a-box’ solution, XS NewsFlash, and the C-Cast connected content platform, which allows the instant access and distribution of live, customized media packages for producers, partners, and viewers.
In 2014 and beyond, EVS will continue to be a transforming partner to its customers, enabling them to work remotely in a collaborative environment, achieve faster creation and better management of their content and streamline delivery methods across multiple platforms. The focus will be on helping broadcasters and content owners maximize live content and media asset value in more ways than ever before.