Evertz 10GbE SDVN Solutions Power Lyon Video‘s Truck of the Future


At NAB 2014 Lyon Video will unveil the “Truck of the Future” – a network enhanced production vehicle powered by Evertz groundbreaking SDVN solution. SDVN (Software Defined Video Network) is Evertz’ exciting new architecture developed around a 10Gbps Ethernet core offering a flexible infrastructure that is format agnostic and can easily support 4K and 8K video.

As a forward thinking company looking to offer their customers the most flexible and robust production vehicle in the field, Lyon Video approached Evertz to develop the “Truck of the Future” utilizing Evertz’ widely deployed 10GE SDVN solution.

Lyon Video’s “Truck of the Future” is a first of its kind, built entirely around an Evertz IPX 10GE switch fabric offering more than 1Tb/s switching capacity.  All baseband video is being converted to IP at the boundaries of the truck using Evertz flexible IPG gateway products, which encapsulates SDI video over Ethernet in accordance to the SMPTE 2022-6 standard.  To provide seamless IP connectivity throughout the truck, Lyon Video has deployed Evertz 10GE enabled DreamCatcher replay systems, Evertz UDX-10G up/down/cross conversion platforms and Evertz VIP-10G multi-viewers.  Based on multiple successful deployments in previous trucks, Evertz MAGNUM will once again be at the center of control in the new “Truck of the Future” providing operators with a familiar and robust work environment.


Come see the “Truck of the Future” at NAB 2014 Booth # OE601 where the team will be proudly showcasing their new network enhanced production vehicle powered by Evertz SDVN technology. To learn more about Evertz exciting new SDVN technology, please visit the Evertz NAB Booth N1503