Dynamic Events Conference Returns for 2013 with New Location and New Format

Taking place on 10th and 11th March 2013 at The Jumeirah Emirates Tower Hotel in Dubai

Following the success of the inaugural Dynamic Events Conference in2012, Mondiale Publishing has announced an expanded, and enhanced conferenceand networking platform for 2013.

Taking place on 10th and 11th March 2013, theDynamic Events Conference is THE international conference for those involved inthe production, delivery and broadcast of global one-off events.

This year’s confirmed speakers at Dynamic Events 2013 include PiersShepherd, Sakchin Bessette, Marc Schneider, Tim Dunn, Dave Crump, ScottWillsallen, Jerry Appelt and Hamish Hamilton. The conference is being sponsored by animpressive array of companies including Sennheiser, Clay Paky, MartinProfessional, Optocore, PRG, Riedel, DiGiCo, Pitmans, Green Hippo, Clear-Com,AV Alliance and ISES.


The Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the London 2012 Olympic andParalympic Games have set a standard for delivering huge spectacles for a liveand a broadcast audience. Having set anincredibly high benchmark, the next events playing to a live and televisedglobal audience must ensure the production and broadcast capabilities of theirunique shows are as much a celebration of technical and creative excellence, asthey are a demonstration of the national pride of the host nations.

‘There is an enormous amount of knowledge and experience out there, andthe Dynamic Events Conference will be a one-stop meeting place for many of thekey production and broadcast gurus of previous events,’ observes Justin Gawne,General Manager of Mondiale Publishing. ‘They are professionals with extraordinary experiences, advice, andanecdotes they are prepared to share with the captive audience attending theconference,’ he adds. ‘So with this exceptional, world-class line up ofspeakers and panellists heading for Dubai in March, it is a critical event foranyone looking to be a part of these major productions in the future.’


‘Dynamic Events last year was a brand new conference,’ comments BenChadwick, Event Manager. ‘The overwhelming feedback from delegates and speakerswas that there were plenty more issues to discuss, and a two day conferencewould allow for a more detailed programme of events, and increased networkingopportunities’.