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Draka and Fischer Connectors Partnership Resolves a Major Connectivity Challenge for Outside Broadcasters

HDTV cable length performance is now stretched by a minimum of 30 per cent

Draka Communications, a global leader in the cabling and optical fiber industry has announced that by combining forces with Fischer Connectors a jointly introduced cable connectivity solution significantly extends the life cycle of Triax interconnected HDTV equipment, predominant today in the broadcasting industry. The Triax HD Pro+ Broadcast Solution is showcased at IBC2010, a leading international forum for the electronic media industry.

By combining cable and connector manufacturing expertise two market leaders prove that camera operators can enjoy new degrees of freedom with trusted copper Triax cables for large scale HDTV events

High Definition (and 3D) TV transmissions have experienced a surge in popularity due to global sporting events such as World Cup soccer and Olympics athletics. Triaxial (Triax) camera cables are used in professional studio applications for the simultaneous transmission of energy and multiplex image signals between a HD camera head and control system. Triax remains the preferred technology to connect HD video cameras and related equipment for broadcast professionals. Triax cabling is still by far the most trusted cabling choice of camera crews, but the higher levels of signal integrity and camera manoeuvrability required to guarantee optimal customer experience is placing considerable pressure on broadcast teams. For current 1080p broadcasts (3D requires the use of two cameras), the Triax HD Pro+Broadcast Solution adds a new lease of life to expensive camera equipment by meeting visual and sonic expectations without the investment costs of migrating to fiber optic interconnectivity.

Long transmission distance (determined by the quality of the cable and connectors) is an important parameter for broadcasters, especially when events take place in large-scale venues. With the latest Draka-Fischer cable-connector solution, HDTV cable length performance is now stretched by a minimum of 30 per cent, giving shooting crews much appreciated extra freedom on the field.

Optimum transmission quality

The new cables connect camera and CCU ( control units) to offer optimum transmission quality based on low attenuation, lowest DC resistance (even with long cable stretches), a long life span and minimal weight. The cables offer high strength, rugged and waterproof design, assuring reliable transmission between camera and control unit in studios or broadcast vehicles, where longer cable lengths are necessary, often for use in rain, ice and snow weather conditions. Top level transmission specifications are met with a cable that is surprisingly slim, light weight, easy to reel and manoeuvre behind the camera while being both maintenance friendly and easy to clean – factors which are highly appreciated by camera crew in the field.

Fischer Connectors and Draka, two long-standing players in the broadcast industry have worked in close partnership to develop this integrated leading edge solution for HD Triax cameras. With its 1051 Triax, Fischer Connectors set the standards for both studio and outside broadcasting. This connector is respected and trusted for both SD and HD cameras. The new 1051 Triax HD Pro+™ connector offers improved RF performance, as well as fast and easy cable assembly. Draka is a leading provider of professional broadcast and studio cables. Draka broadcast solutions have delivered levels of technical excellence that have proven themselves in practice under the most demanding conditions. Both companies share the same passion for quality, sustainable performance and excellence. This partnership is proof of their willingness to seek new solutions continue to adapt to the evolving needs of broadcasting.


About Fischer Connectors

For more than 50 years Fischer Connectors has been designing, manufacturing and distributing high-performance connectors and cable assembly solutions. Known for their reliability, precision, and resistance to demanding environments, Fischer connectors are used in high end electronic equipment such as broadcast, medical apparatus, scientific or instrumentation devices, defense and security systems. Fischer Connectors primary design and manufacturing facilities are located in Switzerland, with subsidiaries and distributors located worldwide.

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About Draka

Draka (Euronext Amsterdam: DRAK), headquartered in Amsterdam, has 9400 employees in countries worldwide and 2009 revenues of over € 2 billion. Draka has a presence in 31 countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia. Draka’s activities are divided into three groups: Energy & Infrastructure, Industry & Speciality and Communications. Draka Communications with its four business units, Telecom Solutions, Multimedia Specials, Optical Fiber and Cable Solutions is a global market leader in the development, production and sales of fibers, cables and advanced network solutions.