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Draka’s range of HDTV coaxial cables certified 3G compatible

Draka video cables tested 3G compatible

For broadcast engineers HD SDI 1.5 Gb/s operation is now common practice so many broadcasting units are presently looking at 3 Gb/s as the next step. “ With an increasing demand for HD transmissions broadcasters are demanding guarantees of 3G compatibility right down to cable and connector behaviour,“ says Oli Hentschel, Draka Product Manager, Studio Broadcast .” This month we concluded a series of thorough tests for our entire range with the leading measurement expert, Tektronix , who certified that our range of HDTV cables are fully in line with SMPTE 424M requirements.”

Measurement specialist Tektronix underlines Draka capability to reassure broadcasters moving to high speed 1080P infrastructures

“Tektronix,a longstanding supplier of test and measurement equipment to the broadcast industry, is always seeking cooperation with companies who share the same passion for quality, performance and excellence,” commented Winfried Schultz, EMEA Marketing Manager of Tektronix for Video Test Products. “ Draka HDTV cables are the products of choice for many of our mutual customers and moving to 3Gb/s is essential to ensure that current investments are future-proof. Our tests validated exceptional cable length reach for all tested cable types.”

The practical tests performed by Tektronix offer both a guide and tool for broadcast engineers to rely upon claimed maximum transmission distances for 3Gb/s operations. Extensive tests were performed in the U.S. offices of Tektronix using a signal transmitted at 1080P HD maximum resolution, revealing that the Draka cables meet 1080p requirements with ease, end even outperformed expectations.

Following the 1080P benchmarks, Draka HD Pro 1.0/4.8AF cable, with a calculated transmission length of 80 metres, in practice tested with a maximum application length of 150 metres. Draka HD Pro 0.8/3.7AF cable has a tested transmission length of 120 metres (instead of a 50 metres calculated application length). The full table of calculated application length compared with 3Gb/s HD 1080P actual maximum application for all Draka HDTV cables is available on request.