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DPA Microphones Appoints new Dubai Distributor

Melody House’s Wesley Fernandes and Greg Cargopoulos

DPA Microphones has appointed Melody House Musical Instruments as its new distributor in Dubai. The appointment is part of a rebranding process that will see Melody House move more into the pro audio sector to complement its MI roots.

Greg Cargopoulos from Melody House, is familiar with DPA microphones from his own experience of working with them. "We are very happy to be the newly-appointed regional distributors of DPA microphones,” he says. “I have been working as a sound engineer for many years, often on corporate events where there are several headband and lavalier microphones on stage at one time, and DPA mics have been a life-saver in many situations.

"The thing I like about these microphones is how the frequency response is so neutral. The design is always to be as neutral as possible, rather than have a coloured frequency response. This, coupled with a flat-response loudspeaker system, is the way to get maximum gain-before-feedback, as it gives the engineer maximum control.

"The microphones are very well thought of in terms of design. Not only do they sound great, but the way they are mounted is very clever and innovative. Big thumbs-up to the engineers at DPA!"

Melody House is now concentrating on raising the profile of DPA in Dubai, and can already offer a substantial stock of demo mics for all applications to their customers. The company wlll also be dealing with DPA customers across the UAE.

“Melody House will be a really good partner for us in Dubai as they have a well established network,” says DPA’s regional sales manager, Michael Trolle. “In addition, as they are soon opening a retail shop, this is an opportunity for us to grow our instrument mic market, together with Melody House. The other high end brands that they represent are a very good match with DPA.”


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