DirectOut supplies MADI equipment for brand new Infostrada mobile data center


Infostrada Creative Technology is a leading European provider of solutions for the creation, management and distribution of video content. Their clients include broadcasting companies, TV producers, cinema operators, airline companies and governments. They currently operate one of the largest audiovisual data centers in Europe and have just expanded their services with the addition of a brand new mobile data center capable of providing full HD workflows from remote production locations. Its first international project was for a major, German reality TV show aimed at building a society in an area cut off from the rest of the world which went on air at the end of February 2015.

Built by Infostrada inside a 40’ shipping container, the new mobile data center contains all the necessary infrastructure from the control room through to full post-production facilities. It is equipped with several DirectOut ANDIAMO.AES AES-to-MADI converters and ANDIAMO 2 analog-to-MADI converters which provide all of the audio I/Os between the container and the various remote locations. Multiple DirectOut ANDIAMO.MC microphone preamps are used to provide access to the microphones, speakers and intercom systems on location.

Two M.1k2 MADI routers from DirectOut are responsible for routing of all of the audio periphery equipment. Full redundancy between the two devices is achieved using the new Doppelganger mode. For quality management and monitoring of the MADI infrastructure, Infostrada is using a couple for DirectOut MA2CHBOX.XL MADI monitoring units and the new ANNA-LISA MADI analyser and signal generator.


In addition to the dedicated DirectOut equipment, Infostrada also deployed two Lawo V_pro8 untis for basic video routing, waveform and vectorscope monitoring as well as for audio and video synchronization. Control is handled by the world-leading VSM control system from L-S-B.

According to DirectOut’s Christian Müller who is in charge of Product Marketing for DirectOut, this was an ambitious project that has delivered excellent results. “Infostrada provided a very specific brief for this demanding project. Thanks to excellent cooperation from all of the manufacturers concerned, a high quality, high performance solution was delivered on time and to budget. We are proud to have been able to work with such an innovative company as Infostrada who are world leaders in their field.”


About DirectOut GmbH
DirectOut GmbH was founded in 2008 by a team of professional sound engineers headed up by Stephan Flock, an award-winning classical music sound engineer with over 20 years’ experience in digital audio signal processing design. The company specializes in developing essential pro audio connectivity, networking and bridging solutions for broadcast, studio, live and installed sound applications. Unique in that all members of the DirectOut development team are still active professional sound engineers, the company is thus fully focused on real-world demands and problem solving. The product range, marketed under the brand of DirectOut Technologies®, offers solutions that build bridges between different audio worlds and make systems and formats more flexible. Audio formats supported include MADI, AES67 and RAVENNA. Headquartered in Mittweida, Germany, DirectOut products are distributed worldwide.