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Digital Film Tools Releases 64-bit Plug-ins for Avid

DFT plug-in product line supports Media Composer v6, Symphony v6 and NewsCutter v10; Free update for existing customers

Digital Film Tools, developer of visual effects software, today announced that all of the company's Avid® plug-in product offerings - Composite Suite Pro, PhotoCopy, Rays and zMatte - are now 64-bit and compatible with Media Composer® and Symphony™ version 6.0 as well as NewsCutter® version 10.0.

"Releasing 64-bit support for Media Composer v6, Symphony v6 and NewsCutter v10 is a no brainer for us," comments Marco Paolini, Founder and President, Digital Film Tools. "We have a fairly large Avid user base, many of whom keep pace with the new technology releases. Our 64-bit DFT plug-ins will provide them with speed and memory advantages that streamline the entire visual effects process." Existing Digital Film Tools customers can update to 64-bit by visiting

About Digital Film Tools Plug-Ins for Avid

DFT Composite Suite Pro
Composite Suite Pro features a well-rounded collection of visual effects plug-ins that were previously only available in-house at a Hollywood based feature film effects facility. Tested in the rigors of everyday production, Composite Suite Pro provides all that is needed to combine multiple images by utilizing compositing tricks and techniques, color correction, blur, grain, matte manipulation, lens distortion, lighting effects and edge blending.


DFT PhotoCopy
Copy the brightness, color, tone, detail, grain and texture from one image and apply them to another. Or, pick a preset look from 94 movies, 72 paintings, 40 photographs or 30 historical photographic processes.

DFT Rays
Create stunning and realistic light ray effects quickly and easily. Add shafts of light streaming through clouds, rays filtering through a forest canopy, beams of light on a foggy night or rays shooting out from text.


DFT zMatte
Intelligent blue and green screen keying that is easy to use, yet provides the tools you need when presented with a challenging shot--including DV and HD de-artifacting, color suppression, matte manipulation, color correction, edge treatment and light wrapping.

Availability and Pricing
Avid AVX2 64-bit versions of Composite Suite Pro, PhotoCopy, Rays and zMatte are available now at the Digital Film Tools store > - prices range from $99 to $395 USD.

In addition, Digital Film Tools plug-ins are available through the Avid Marketplace which offers in-system access to available video plugins.


About Digital Film Tools
Digital Film Tools brings together the unbeatable combination of superior software designers, motion picture visual effects veterans, video editors and photographers. Add three Emmy Awards and experience in creating visual effects for hundreds of feature films, commercials and television shows and you have a recipe for success.