Digigram at ISE2016

For many years, Digigram has delivered innovative solutions that empower its customers to migrate smoothly to IP. At ISE2016, the company will demonstrate how its unrivalled expertise in digital and IP technologies and its early involvement in the development of norms and standards, including AES67 and RAVENNA, enable it to provide a wide range of solutions that meet customers' specific requirements. Digigram will showcase its innovative sound cards for broadcast and AV installations, including new IP-audio networking sound cards such as the AES67-compatible LX-IP PCIe® card.

Demo: Audio Networking Interoperability With AES67
At ISE 2016 on the Media Networking Alliance stand (7-X230), Digigram will provide a live demonstration of audio networking interoperability that features 22 commercially available networked-audio products — from 11 different manufacturers — employing market-leading audio networking technologies such as Dante, Livewire, Q-LAN, and RAVENNA audio-over-IP protocols. Products from ALC NetworX, Archwave, Axia Audio, Digigram, DirectOut, Focusrite, Lawo, Merging Technologies, QSC, Solid State Logic, Telos Systems, and Yamaha will be connected to a simple network with a single Ethernet switch to show how AES67-specific extensions to different network platforms enable the common interchange of digital audio. In addition to illustrating the accelerating trend of enabling AES67 in existing network devices, the demonstration will show that AES67 can transport high-quality audio, via Ethernet and layer 3 network connectivity, over any VoIP-capable network infrastructure.

LX-IP PCIe® Sound Card — An Ideal Bridge Between the PC and Audio-Over-IP
The LX-IP PCIe® sound card serves as the perfect bridge between the PC and audio-over-IP worlds, enabling a seamless migration to IP, secure content delivery with the same latency as digital audio, and interoperability with other audio protocols. The Digigram sound card provides a very high channel density (up to 256 channels), features very low latency down to one audio sample per IP packet, and is phase-accurate, supporting straightforward migration of the studio to IP.


Ideal for high-density audio production or automation applications in radio and TV broadcast studios, this solution makes it easy for users to record and play as many as 128 audio-over-IP RAVENNA/AES67 channels simultaneously in and out of a desktop computer. Boasting ultra-low round-trip latency down to 3 ms, interoperability with all AES67 requirements, an embedded 128 x 128 switching matrix, Grandmaster PTP clock abilities, and high redundancy assured by two Gigabit Ethernet connections, this reliable hardware solution enables broadcasters to maintain high performance regardless of the computational load presented by other applications running on the host system.

Company Overview:
For more than 30 years, Digigram has harnessed innovation to develop mission-critical solutions dedicated to the contribution, production, and safe distribution of audiovisual content. Digigram sound cards, IP audio and video codecs, and audio processing software solutions are used in thousands of broadcast, AV and industrial applications all over the world. Robust and easy to use, Digigram solutions lower operating costs and increase efficiency, adding value to users' operations.