DELEC to Present new Subscriber Units and Panel Extensions

DELEC’s most prominent products at the IBC are the new subscriber units Talk 12X and Talk 12LX

At this year’s IBC German intercom specialist DELEC introduced two new subscriber units and a compatible panel extension. In addition, all DELEC subscriber units are now equipped with detachable mics.

New user-friendly subscriber units
DELEC’s most prominent products at the IBC are the new subscriber units Talk 12X and Talk 12LX. They succeed the Talk 11 and Talk 11X units and feature an increase in the number of LCD-keys to twelve together with a rotary encoder above each key thus giving direct access to all parameters of each crosspoint. The LCD-keys can display their target destination label with up to 18 characters per key and call status is indicated clearly by RGB-Backlit colours.

The X and LX models have different interface options: The LX series (”L“ for “Lite“) connects to the matrix via a digital AES/EBU interface with RJ-45 connectors or via BNC. The X series offers a supplementary analogue matrix interface. In addition it is equipped with two headset connectors as opposed to a single one on the LX.  It is also fitted with  additional AUX interfaces for analogue and digital (AES/EBU and Stereo AUX) as well as one AES input and one AES output. All units offer four GPOs and three GPIs.


“Introduced earlier this year, the Lite series offers a favourable alternative for fully digital installation environments that don’t have the need for many audio interfaces at the subscriber unit. Following the Talk 16L subscriber unit we are now delighted to introduce the Lite version of our user-friendly Talk 12X with individual rotary encoders above each key”, says Jürgen Malleck of DELEC sales.

Easy to install extension panel
Compatible with the Talk 12X/LX DELEC introduces the Key 16X extension panel which adds extra LCD keys to the subscriber unit. Each panel features 16 LCD keys each of which has the same user-friendly design as those on the main unit. Up to seven extension panels can be combined for a total of 112 additional LCD keys per crosspoint. Each LCD key can address four different destinations via four layers.


“Key 16X is the ideal match for systems with huge amounts of I/Os, for example in main switching rooms or in transmission control suites. The extension is easy to install: Just connect it to the subscriber unit and configure it with the IcconXP control software”, explains Jürgen Malleck.

Detachable mics for all subscriber units
Together with the introduction of Talk 12X/LX and Key 16X DELEC has reworked all the subscriber units chassis’. From now on all microphones are attached using a 6,3 mm mic jack with screw thread locking.All new products are available immediately after the show. Prices on request.