Dejero Introduces LIVE+ GoBox Transmitter

Mobile Newsgathering From Virtually Any Location

Dejero, award-winning creator of the industry's most powerful and versatile family of mobile newsgathering products, today announced the LIVE+ GoBox — a professional-grade mobile transmitter for newsgathering professionals and video content contributors on the move. Dejero's newest portable transmitter is the company's most versatile and rugged to date, enabling mobile journalists to broadcast live from virtually anywhere with bonded cellular, Wi-Fi, and portable satellite connections, or record up to 40 hours of HD video for later broadcast.

"Our LIVE+ 20/20 Transmitter revolutionized remote broadcasting; in fact, news organizations large and small have come to rely on it as a highly versatile and reliable addition to their mobile newsgathering toolbox. With the LIVE+ GoBox, we've built on the best features of the 20/20 and further enhanced performance to launch our most rugged and portable mobile transmitter yet — and with the industry-leading high-quality video that broadcasters have come to expect from Dejero," said Brian Cram, CEO, Dejero. "The GoBox is designed to work in the most challenging of circumstances. Whenever and wherever news is breaking, mobile journalists can just grab the unit and head to the scene to capture and transmit live, high-quality video."

The GoBox can be set up anywhere to transmit low-latency HD or SD video quickly and reliably, and at a fraction of the cost and complexity of satellite and microwave trucks, even in locations with extremely limited bandwidth. The small GoBox briefcase unit connects to any SDI or HDMI camera, and mobile journalists can set it on the ground, wear it on their back, place it away from the camera for optimal antenna performance, or even use it to broadcast from a moving vehicle. Users can manage the transmitter in the field from any Web browser and route the live or recorded video to the broadcast center for on-air playout or to the cloud for online distribution. Additionally, ingest operators at a broadcast center can remotely locate, monitor, and control the GoBox as well as switch and route live transmissions or recorded files with the Dejero LIVE+ Portal cloud-based management tool.


The GoBox uses Dejero's patented Intelligent Connection Management technology to bond any available combination of 3G/4G/LTE cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and portable satellite connections, and the system automatically and continuously adapts to network conditions to ensure consistently high video quality. The GoBox includes built-in LTE modems and dual-band integrated Wi-Fi for the fastest-possible broadband connectivity, and its enhanced antenna design provides four times the wireless RF performance of Dejero's previous portable systems. This is particularly useful in challenging network conditions where bandwidth is limited. In addition, the GoBox features a low-power, high-performance processor engineered to provide high-quality video and longer battery life.


The rugged GoBox is specifically designed for heavy daily use by news crews that need to rush to breaking news scenes and set up quickly. Built for demanding situations where the unit might get jostled — in the midst of a large crowd or a moving vehicle — the GoBox has undergone rigorous vibration testing to ensure it can withstand such environments.

About Dejero
From video capture and transmission to management and distribution, Dejero solutions help broadcasters, media companies, and organizations of all sizes reach their global multiscreen audiences instantly and cost-effectively. Dejero's LIVE+ Platform simplifies the acquisition and broadcast of live video on-air and online through a broad range of traditional and emerging uplink solutions. The platform, including portable transmitters and software for laptops and smartphones, intelligently manages or bonds wireless connections (3G/4G/LTE, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, microwave, and satellite) to deliver optimal picture quality. In addition, customers are able to centrally monitor and manage Dejero devices and live feeds in the cloud for streamlined content delivery and enhanced operational efficiency. Dejero is privately held and based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.