Datavideo @ NAB2016

Datavideo Technologies

Datavideo is exhibiting in the south lower hall of the Las Vegas Convention Centre, booth #SL8416

Datavideo designs and manufactures a broad range of cutting edge products to the Broadcast, AV, Digital Signage, Education and Security industries. Our range of products include Mobile and Portable Studios, which are fully integrated “one box” solutions designed around Datavideo’s acclaimed switcher range. Furthermore, the company carries a wide range of LCD monitors, Digital Recorders, converters, chromakeyers, teleprompters and much more. Datavideo is an ISO-9001 quality certified manufacturer and, therefore, adheres to the highest international standards. Datavideo is very flexible and can follow the changing demands, while sharing the value in cost effective production with the end user.


Datavideo introduces a small footprint 4K pan/tilt/zoom camera with 12x optical zoom. This camera is being controlled by either RS-422 or Datavideo’s own DVIP protocol. 4K output is done through HDMI 2.0 and there is 3G-SDI output for regular 1080P as well.


DVS-200 is a revolutionary streaming platform allowing the user to encode, transcode, record and deliver real time video to multiple devices. DVS-200 comes as a software package or as a fully catered turnkey solution. The only thing you need to do is hook up your sources and start broadcasting.



This small switcher is the spiritual successor of the SE-500. Small, featuring 4 HDMI (1080P) inputs and an on board audio mixer. With an easy Multiview out (HDMI) and luma keying on board this switcher is your perfect companion for easy and flexible video production.



HS-1500T is a four input hand carry switcher that features three HDBaseT inputs and one HDMI input for graphics. HDBaseT enables you to send video signal, control signal and power to a remote controlled camera over standard CAT6A cable. HS-1500T features all controls, a switcher surface and a built in 17,3” monitor, all the size of a briefcase.


TLM-170L series

The updated monitor range consists of three models. A standard desktop monitor, a 7RU rack mounted version and an ingenious 1RU rack tray version. All models feature the same 17,3” 1920x1080 panel with LED backlight. These monitors feature colour temperature selection, various inputs including SDI and 2x HDMI, a bi-colour tally light and audio monitoring of embedded SDI and HDMI streams.


BC-80 & BC-200

Datavideo introduces two brand new block cameras. These block cameras feature rugged aluminium housing, and come in both 1080p and 4K versions. The BC-80 is the Full HD version and features an SDI and HDMI interface on the backside. Both outputs can be used at the same time. The 4K model, BC-200, features a double HDMI output that also can be used at the same time. Both models can be controlled through Sony Visca, via RS-422 or DVIP.

BC-80 & BC-200



One of our most popular products is the DAC-70. This little box enables the user to upscale, downscale and cross convert between SD, HD and 3G formats. The DAC-45 adds 4K to that list. DAC-45 switches inputs automatically and lightning fast. DAC-45 features SDI (up to 3G), HDMI (up to 4K) and VGA inputs, and SDI/HDMI outputs. RCA audio is available for embedding onto the signal.



The NVS-30 is a simple to use and effective streaming encoder. This streaming encoder features simultaneous streaming (up to 20mbit) and recording on USB or SD (up to 30mbit). NVS-30 encodes in H.264 and contains a 10 bit scaling engine and de-interlacer.



This new generation of H.264 decoders features a unique set-top-box function. In combination with DVS-200, this set gives you the possibility to create your own IPTV network. NVD-30/NVD-35 is capable of decoding material from video sharing providers like Youtube, Vimeo and Youko as well. This decoder comes in both HDMI (NVD-30) and SDI (NVD-35) versions.

NVD-30 and NVD-35



TVS-2000 is the latest generation in easy-to-use virtual studio systems. This Datavideo system uses the positional data from PTC-150 as a tracking device, making it possible to move the virtual studio around the talent. The PTC-150 can be controlled directly from the RMC-280 control surface.

TVS-2000 GUI