Dalet Showcases MAM-Driven Workflows for Sports, News, Program Prep and Archiving

New feature enhancements, advanced multisite capabilities and new Xtend connectors for Adobe Premiere, Quantel and EVS

Dalet Digital Media Systems, a leading provider of Media Asset Management (MAM) solutions, software and services for content producers, is showcasing its productivity-enhancing workflow solutions based on the Dalet Galaxy MAM platform for sports, news, program prep and archiving at IBC 2013, held at the RAI Centre in Amsterdam, September 13-17, 2013 (Stand 8.B77).

The collaborative workflows enabled by the new Dalet Xtend connectors for Adobe Premiere, Quantel and EVS will also be featured at IBC. These connectors facilitate seamless workflows across disparate systems. Visitors to the Dalet stand can also learn about the new version of the Dalet NetXchange, a module that improves multisite deployments and operations with distributed storage and databases and shared archives.

Dalet Galaxy, the MAM foundation for Dalet’s full-featured solutions, boasts a revamped, user-friendly, ergonomic interface and an industry-standard BPM workflow engine tailored for media organizations. This powerful workflow engine automates many tasks and processes, increases productivity and provides operational and business visibility. The advanced Galaxy platform dramatically improves output and efficiency in file-based environments by simultaneously managing multiple and diverse workflows across many different systems. As an open platform, Dalet Galaxy utilizes a variety of data exchange and integration paths, including SOA compliant tools as well as Dalet Xtend connectors that simplify third-party integrations with NLEs, broadcast servers, HSM, automation systems, traffic and broadcast management system. Dalet supports a wide variety of media formats and actively participates in groups promoting industry standards including FIMS and AS02. Dalet Galaxy also provides integration with Drupal and other CMS systems for building and managing complex, multiplatform distribution workflows.


“Dalet has always focused on delivering value, efficiency and value to customers regardless of size or the number of channels and services. Our MAM-driven workflow solutions can be tailored for small or large installations to optimize both human and system resources. The Dalet Galaxy framework allows any installation to benefit from virtualization using distributed and mixed architecture to better leverage IT infrastructures and gain efficiencies throughout the organization,” says Stephane Schlayen, COO of Dalet. “The open and fully integrated MAM platform manages media and workflows across all types of systems giving customers the flexibility and productivity they need for content creation and distribution in today’s complex media environment.”

IBC highlights for Dalet in Program Prep and Archiving:
·    End-to-end workflow on Dalet Galaxy platform with BPM
·    New tools for Quality Control
·    Bi-directional CMS integration for complex workflows and multiplatform distribution

IBC highlights for Dalet in Sports:
·    New version of Dalet Sports Logger
·    New Dalet Xtend connectors for Adobe, Quantel and EVS

IBC highlights for Dalet in News:
·    Dalet One Cut for Dalet 3.5 (previously available only with Dalet Galaxy)
·    Dalet Cube, a fully integrated graphics system for news
·    Dalet On-the-Go, the remote app for journalists in the field


More About IBC Highlights for Dalet in Program Prep and Archiving
Demonstrations of the flexible, end-to-end capabilities of Dalet Media Life, which is used for program preparation and archiving, will be shown at the Dalet booth. Dalet Media Life features the newly revamped Dalet Galaxy interface and MAM platform. With an industry standard BPM workflow engine that automates many tasks and processes, operators can increase in productivity with greater operational and business visibility. In addition to the complete set of functional tools for mass-ingest, pre-editing, storyboarding, subtitling, captioning, versioning and distribution, Media Life allows customers to optimize their human and other resources by tailoring different QC processes for specific content and channels by using manual “sets of eyeballs” QC and/or automated QC tools. Media Life integrates easily with third-party systems such as NLEs, automation devices, archives, traffic, resource management and rights management systems. Visitors to the stand can also see how intricate and complex production and distribution workflows can be designed and automated thanks to bi-directional integrations with CMS systems such as Drupal.

More About IBC Highlights for Dalet in Sports
Whether you’re a sports broadcaster, a professional team or league, an OB provider or sports production house, Dalet offers specialized tools for the production, management, distribution and archiving of your valuable sports content. On the IBC show floor, you can see demonstrations of complete MAM-driven sports workflows, including a new version of the Dalet Sports Logger that provides maximum flexibility and a fresh, easy-to-use interface. Customers are no longer locked-in to workflow steps dictated by typical logging systems. With the Dalet Sports Logger, there are no constraints on how you can configure the system or tag your actions. This new logger also supports remote logging. And of course, the Dalet Xtend connectors sustain the fast-pace of live sports coverage by providing uninterrupted exchanges of media and metadata between the Dalet MAM and industry-standard NLEs. At this year’s IBC, the new Xtend connectors for Adobe Premiere, Quantel and EVS join the growing list of third-party supported systems. Dalet also provides integrations with external logging systems and servers as well as data feeds for stats. Short- and long-term production and archiving are greatly simplified thanks to the powerful MAM platform. Tasks like searching, browsing and retrieving media require just a few keystrokes as all the relevant metadata is stored in the Dalet MAM. The MAM workflow engine simplifies the distribution of content to different services, including VOD, OTT, web and mobile devices.


More About IBC Highlights for Dalet in News
Dalet News Suite is a full-featured news solution designed for convergence. It can manage TV, radio and digital news production – all within a single system. See all the features of this end-to-end, MAM-based production system that provides a complete newsroom computer system, desktop scripting, video editing, graphic and multimedia tools that cover every aspect of content creation – from ingest through automated playout, archives, multiplatform delivery and interactions with social media sites. The underlying Dalet MAM platform tracks media and metadata while the workflow engine automates many background tasks.
The new Dalet One Cut real-time, multimedia editor is now available as a standalone module for use on the Dalet 3.5 platform and will be demonstrated at IBC. The positive response to Dalet One Cut, which was originally developed as part of the new Galaxy platform, encouraged Dalet to make it available on the Dalet 3.5 platform. Existing customers can now also benefit from the powerful features of this versatile new editor. Built on a totally new video engine, Dalet One Cut supports a mix of video and audio formats and any bitrate. It is perfectly suited to editors with various levels of expertise. It’s possible to easily create unique templates that correlate to the specific level of functions needed for specific jobs. For instance, only the necessary tracks and button functions will be shown to an operator whose primary job is performing voiceovers or other simple tasks. More experienced editors may access more or all of the One Cut functionalities. Dalet One Cut is a full-featured editor with all the essential functions – browse, preview, multiple tracks, a trimmer for rough-cut editing, timeline-based editing and segments, and a complete toolbar menu for typical edit functions.

Dalet Cube, a very cost-effective graphics suite that is perfectly integrated with Dalet News Suite for the creation and playout of high-quality graphics, is also featured at IBC. This powerful modular package allows graphics artists using the Cube Designer to construct multilayered, pixel-accurate 3D animations that project the style and individual look of different programs and channels. Design models from Adobe After Effects™ and other software programs can also be easily imported. In the newsroom, journalists can use Dalet Cube Filler to quickly and easily select templates and add any number of upper/lower third graphics by simply filling in the required data fields. The Cube Engine delivers CG playout in real time with fill and key or path-through mode. Additional modules make it possible to feed live data and deliver more complex elements such as videos, stills, 3D animations and sequences. The Dalet Cube Studio module has an easy-to-use, fully customizable layout and is ideal for live studio events such as weather, talk shows or election graphics playout.


Dalet On-the-Go is the new mobile app that extends the remote capabilities of Dalet users. Three key functions for journalists are included with the app: Read-In, Contribution and My Assignments. It’s the perfect tool for reporters in the field who have access to a Dalet site. Read-In allows users to browse and get up to date on the latest news; with My Assignments, reporters can check their individual assignments for a given day along and get all the necessary details; the Contributions page allows them to upload stories, videos, images and audio directly from the phone app to the home site. The screens for each function are clear and easy to use. Dalet On-the-Go will be available soon from the iTunes App Store and currently supports iOS (iPhones® as well as iPad®).
Demonstrations of the complete functionalities of workflow-specific tools for Dalet Radio Suite for radio and multimedia production will also be featured at the Dalet booth.