CT Forms Media Solutions Team

Media Solutions Director Tim Volker: Creative Technology (CT) has formed a new creative team within their London business

The “Media Solutions”, team will focus on managing the increasing demand for specialist media management and delivery systems. Media Solutions will be responsible for the development and promotion of ideas and innovation whilst enabling the Company to engage further with clients and creative partners in a more pro-active manner at the earlier stages of project development.

Mainly comprised of existing CT personnel that already have a rich experience and skill set in media technology and services, CT has also appointed DavidMulcahy as Media Consultant who joins the Company as a full time employee this month. David brings with him a long and extensive career of working with clients and creative teams in the media and visual world. With a background of working in theatre, corporate and music events, he has been involved in a number of pioneering and innovative projects, most recently in developing interactive technologies.


Tim Volker, CT’s Media Solutions Director comments: “Using a team of existing CT staff with these specific skills enables us to concentrate and capitalise on the team’s experience and understanding of this area of the business. With a clear focus and direction on technological and software advancements, Media Solutions can provide media handling, management, incorporation and integration – a full media solutions offering!”


Mark Elliott, MD CT London adds: “This is a very exciting addition to CT’s UK business. We have always been a solutions provider rather than a simple box rental business, however the new team will result in even closer links between Creative Technology, the concept, lighting designer and production company, ensuring the client gets the full creative solution it demands.”

For further information please contact:
Tim Volker
Media Solutions Director
Tel: +44 (0)1293 582000