Create Custom Control Interfaces for LYNX Technik Series 5000 Signal Processing

The new CustomControl feature will be demonstrated at the LYNX Technik flagship NAB 2014 booth, N1120

LYNX Technik AG, provider of modular interfaces and signal processing solutions is launching CustomControl for its APPolo Control System at NAB 2014. CustomControl is a new control feature that incorporates an easy to use editor for creating and building customized virtual software control panels for enhanced levels of operational efficiency and sophistication.

The CustomControl editor integrates easy drag-and-drop controls for creating a custom user interface or template(s) for control panels in the APPolo Control System for Series 5000 modules / systems. Each drag-and-drop element (buttons, sliders, drop-down menus, check-boxes and so much more) can be assigned to different control parameters in the system, making the control interface entirely customizable. Each customized control panel is stored on the LYNX clip-on server and can be individually assigned to one or more users in the system.

A user can log on to the server using the APPolo Control GUI software to access and use the custom control panels assigned to him/her.

Turn your iPad into a CustomControl Tool
LYNX Technik is turning an iPad into a Control Panel for its CustomControl tool with an app for the iOS mobile operating system. With their iPad, APPolo users will be able to download the CustomControl application from the Apple App Store, log-in to CustomControl, and start controlling their Series 5000 modules via a customized control interface associated with their user account. This enhanced access lets users have an additional and powerful layer of control to their Series 5000 installation.


The LYNX Technik APPolo Control System™ is a user-friendly, intuitive and self-configuring control system for remote control, status monitoring and SNMP error reporting. Typically used with the Series 5000 CardModule system, APPolo is the heart of a centralized control system which can easily be expanded to grow with your system. From a single rack to literally hundreds of racks located in different locations, the system can be easily used for controlling small or large Series 5000 system installations.

CustomControl provides:
-    a virtual and user-friendly control panel editing tool
-    flexibility to design custom user-interfaces
-    the ability for a defined user to use custom control panels with the APPolo Control GUI
-    CustomControl App for iPad / iOS mobile devices to view and use custom control panels


The new CustomControl feature will be demonstrated at the LYNX Technik flagship NAB 2014 booth, N1120. The LYNX Technik family of yellobriks will be display on both N1120 and SL5028.