coolux and UTRAM Unleash the Power of 4K Display Technology

4K content on a massive 152 inch Panasonic 4K screen

coolux GmbH, creators of the award winning Pandoras Box product family, teamed up with UTRAM at this year’s ISE trade fair in Amsterdam to demonstrate the stunning quality of professional 4K playback.

coolux surprised ISE visitors with an impressive display of their new Pandoras Box Version 5 QUAD Server’s 4K playback capabilities.  The beautiful 4K content, courtesy of German 4K content specialists atmosphere media, was  shown on a massive 152 inch Panasonic 4K screen, which was supplied by UTRAM. Using the coolux Widget Designer software and the coolux AirScan, visitors were even able to interact with the 4K content in real time.

coolux CEO Jan Huewel summed up the successful collaboration in the following way:


„It is one thing to say that one is able to play back 4K content and quite another to actually show it. Working together with UTRAM and atmosphere media has allowed us to demonstrate how cutting edge display technologies can benefit from the Pandoras Box real-time server systems, especially when it comes to interacting with 4K content.“


Sample Equipment List:
1x coolux Pandoras Box QUAD Server PRO System
1x coolux AirScan
1x coolux Widget Designer PRO
152 inch Panasonic 4K Screen