Compix Linx Software-Based Character Generator for NewTek's TriCaster

Fully-featured CG with 260+ transition effects and built-in templates - Optional ability to broadcast social media conversations

Compix, a leading developer of professional character generators (CGs), today announced the release of Compix Linx™, a software-based, fully-featured character generator for the NewTek TriCaster™ integrated live production system. Loaded on a laptop or desktop PC with a network connection, Compix Linx allows users to add broadcast graphics and overlay them in real time by streaming directly into the TriCaster system.

With no proprietary CG hardware to buy, rack up, and take up valuable inputs of the TriCaster, users can save thousands of dollars with Compix Linx while producing sophisticated on-screen graphics. Compix Linx also includes two options: channel branding capabilities with automatically updating headline feeds, and the ability to broadcast social media conversations from Twitter and Facebook.

"This is terrific news for NewTek TriCaster users as well as anyone seeking an effortless way to combine graphics in an integrated video production environment," said Lan Merrill, VP of Technology for Compix. "Eliminate the need for proprietary hardware and a special box, and you eliminate the most expensive part of other CG solutions on the market. And no box means no rack space, no complex wiring, and no hardware-related engineering. It’s a no brainer."


Compix Linx is a no compromise CG featuring an award-winning graphics editor. With over 260 transition effects, unlimited fonts, rolls and crawls, user-definable clocks and timers, and support for a huge variety of graphics files, Compix Linx is also user friendly and simple to learn for those with no CG experience.

"TriCaster is the most complete multi-camera video production system on the planet, and with Compix Linx it's now more complete than ever," said Dr. Andrew Cross, CTO of NewTek. "With a direct network connection, Compix Linx becomes part of the TriCaster system, fully integrating CG content seamlessly ensuring that our users can produce videos and programming with the highest production values."


"Compix is excited to be the first professional-level CG manufacturer to take the bold step of developing a completely software-based, 'box free' solution," added Merrill.

Compix Linx starts at US$4,995 and is available in CG, Branding, and Social packages. Compix is accepting orders at NAB and is expecting to ship beginning April 22, 2013.

About NewTek
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About Compix Media, Inc.
Compix, the “character-driven” character generator company based in Irvine, Calif., is a global provider of the world’s most affordable broadcast graphics systems. Also referred to as character generators (CGs), Compix systems have been on the air 24/7 since 1986, in more than 17,000 locations, spanning over 80 countries. Generating award winning, elegant, and easy-to-use solutions, Compix systems are available in single and multichannel analog, SD-SDI, and HD-SDI configurations. Every Compix broadcast graphics system boasts 100 percent broadcast quality and cutting-edge features and is backed by the remarkable Compix Freedom Support Plan. Compix clients include all major television broadcast and cable networks, post, sports, educational, military, worship, government, and corporate facilities.