Colt Creates Access to Global Content for European Broadcasters

Broadcasters can maximise revenue from the latest sports and news content

Colt Technology Services announced the availability of one of the world’s largest managed fibre networks for the broadcast sector based upon the combined services of Colt and Hibernia Media. This superior broadcast-quality fibre network means that Colt is now a single source provider of a wide range of lucrative sporting, news and entertainment content across Europe and into the USA and Asia.

Broadcasters across Europe today need to meet continuous demand for high quality content, accessible via multiple channels and devices. To remain competitive, broadcasters also need to reduce speed to market, streamline workflows and reduce costs. Colt and Hibernia’s combined offering will unlock distribution opportunities for exciting new sport and news content representing significant new revenue opportunities for broadcasters, and cutting costs by providing a single source of content from Europe, the USA and Asia.

“This is an exciting time for Colt,” commented Ken Wood, Colt’s media sector expert. “Our customers are increasingly asking us to help them deliver high quality content to their customers across the world. Our joint offering with Hibernia Media provides unmatched connectivity options for both US and European media companies, helping broadcasters meet increasing demands for HD and 3D quality content.”


He continues “The industry is currently undergoing a huge change. The move to digital content has implications for the way that the whole industry works together, from content production to distribution and consumption. Colt is right at the middle of this evolution. We can now offer a single source for broadcast content from across Europe, the USA and Asia, delivered over a high quality and reliable fibre network, as well as helping our customers to address the management and storage of the content that is essential to on demand viewing.  All of this is backed up by the simplicity of working with a single service provider, guaranteeing the customer with consistent service levels and commercial terms, wherever the broadcast content is located.

Colt is already connected to more than 150 broadcast hubs across Europe from news and sports broadcast venues to production and postproduction houses, master control rooms, distribution centres, media switching hubs and play-out facilities. The partnership with Hibernia will increase that number to over 300, giving Colt’s broadcast customers access to Hibernia’s US and European television networks, news and sports venues, and broadcast studios.


About Hibernia Media, LLC.
Hibernia Media is dedicated to flawless delivery of video signals over fiber, supporting media companies across the globe. With over 150 media connection points available, broadcasters, cable operators, and new media firms come to Hibernia Media for managed video transport solutions on an occasional use or dedicated basis. Whether it’s High-Definition, contribution-quality, channel distribution to cable and dish operators at our Content Exchange Center, multi-casting of live events, or connecting a 15-minute interview from a remote studio, Hibernia Media provides quality solutions for today’s media environment. Hibernia Media’s unique TOC (Television Operations Center) monitors and manages live video feeds on a 24/7 basis, and connects sports, news, entertainment, and corporate events to its audiences whenever and wherever required.

About Colt in the media
Colt is a pan-european services provider.  Our network, compute assets and expertise allow us to deliver services to enterprises across Europe.  We are well known for the solutions we provide to the financial services market but Colt has been working with the broadcast industry for over a decade.  We provide managed broadcast services to many of the largest broadcasters in Europe.
Colt differentiates itself in the broadcast marketplace by offering a combination of unrivalled network reach and extensive access to content including sporting and news events.  We have 150+ media hubs on our network across Europe including the BT Tower.


As the largest media switch in Europe, the BT Tower is responsible for 95 percent of all UK and 75 percent of all UK to Europe video traffic. The agreement with BT Wholesale provides Colt’s customers with access to key live dedicated and occasional use content from BT’s network of around 350 sports and news locations in the UK.  It also enables Colt’s customers to transmit content to locations outside of Europe including Hong Kong, Delhi and Sydney.
Colt’s customer centric approach provides customers with complete flexibility and control over service levels, commercials and the technology deployed across communication, data and IT, allowing them to consume services in a way that meets the demands of their organisation.